Friday, September 11, 2009

Author Fridays Presents...Laura Ann Ford!

Welcome to another edition of Author Fridays! Sit back, get comfortable and
read about this week's featured author, Laura Ann Ford

Laura Ann Ford is the author of a Western novel entitled "McCullen"
published by Publish America.

A resident of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Laura lives with her husband and two
sons, ages ten and two. An animal lover, she has taken in many abandoned
dogs over the years. "I love them almost as much as I love my kids," she
says. At present, she says she has quite a few dogs, but Dusty is her baby.
She also has a cat named Kiki whom she found wondering in front of her house
when he was just a kitten. The thought of leaving any of them to fend for
themselves leaves her heart-broken, and she and her family are well-known
for taking them in.

Although she loves to read.Dean Koontz and Stephen King are her favorite
authors.Ford says she would rather write, instead. She freely admits that
some find her taste in books strange, seeing as how her novel is a Western
and not the horror that she likes to read.

Many things can inspire a writer, and in this instance it was her dogs that
first inspired Ford to write. Every day, she would write letters to her
grandma. Over time, those letters evolved into poetry and short stories.
She never really expected to have a book published, but after a dream about
a female gunfighter, she wrote down everything she could remember about that
dream, and suddenly, "McCullen" was born! "After reading it to my grandma,"
Laura says, "she kept telling me to get it published, so I gave it a try."

"Ideas for stories usually just pop into my head," she tells me. "Most
times, a song on the radio will inspire me. Lately I've been inspired to
write poetry about my cousin who passed away in March. She was one of the
most wonderful people I will ever know. Her death changed a lot of people's
lives, including mine."

Ford believes "McCullen" to be unique in that it is not just a Western, but
also has a touch of romance, religion, and a supernatural twist.
Throughout the book, McCullen, the main character is in love with two men
and can't choose who she wants to be with. She has several visions in the
story; she actually predicts what is going to happen. "I think it is an
exciting story with lots of twists and turns," says Ford.

When I asked Mrs. Ford if she had any advice for anyone who wants to become
published, she replied, "My advice to someone who wants to become a
published author is to have patience. Good things won't happen overnight.
It takes a lot of work to make a book that's worthy of publication.
Research prospective publishers and agents BEFORE submitting anything to
them. If you get a rejection, don't give up! That's the main thing, keep

"So, Laura, is there anything else that you would like to share?"

"I have been asked if I am planning to write anymore books. The answer to
this is yes. I am currently writing a sequel to McCullen and there is
another book planned after that. I'd like to thank everyone who has
encouraged me to follow my dreams."

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Author Fridays. Be sure to
come back next Friday, same time same place to read about next week's
featured author, romance writer, Victoria King!

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