Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Writing Wednesday

First off, before I yammer on about anything else, I want to say thanks to those who commented on the excerpts, and to those who commented on the poem. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate feedback! I was nervous about posting the poem; I don't usually write poetry, and even rarer do I allow anyone to read it.

About the excerpts, I believe I agree; I like the first one the best, as well. Although, Katie Colton in the second one is dear to my heart, and she will get her story written, I like working on a modernday story, for once. My first and second books were historicals and so was the children's book. So, it's nice to try something different. Thanks again for everyone's comments. :)

Here's the thing, though; I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block where that story is concerned. I get real scared, thinking it's boring, when it probably isn't. If I try and talk about it with someone, I lose the excitement for it and end up not writing it. However, I really need to bounce ideas off someone, because...well, I don't know why, but I feel I do. :) The only answer I can come up for this is to just write what's in my head, and then weed out the boring stuff, later. It's meant to be a fast paced, Christian romance, chic lit, story, sort of, so no need to get worried, but still...

When I was a little girl, I loved stories where somebody got hurt...bad hurt. lol I even made my barbie dolls ill in some way. Haha! I liked stories like "Pollyanna". If the synopsis says "after tragedy strikes", well, you can bet I'll be trying it out. I used to get made fun of for this, so it scares me to try and write my own story, where in the synopsis may say, "And after tragedy strikes..."

What do y'all think, though? Do readers like tragedy? Of course, I know not everyone does. I'm just asking what my readers like. My plan is to build up to something, and really break your heart. But, can I do it? I want you to feel Adison's frustration, her anger and her shock. But, will you? I want to give you just enough info about the "tragedy" without boring your socks off.

I have done so much research on Google, that it's pitiful. I've spent more time doing that research than writing, and that, in case you don't know any procrastinators, is my whole problem. My daddy used to say, "Shannon, you spend more time trying to figure out how not to do something, than it would have taken you to just do it." And, he's right. I've read blogs, personal stories, watched countless YouTube videos, until I'm tired of it, and yet, I'm still not sure if I can pull it off. I mean, I can tell you how if feels to be blind. But, can I get inside the head of someone with another disability? Better yet, can I put you in their head? Can I make you feel their pain, feel their frustrations, wish for their lives to get better? Or, will you just feel sorry for my hero?

I guess when it all comes down to the wire, I gotta write it, then we'll all know the answers to those questions. I need to stop second guessing myself and "git on the ball" like my mama always said.

So, are y'all enjoying your week? It's chilly, still, when March should be feeling warm like a lamb. I'm ready for spring!

Like most of the time, I didn't know what I was going to write, when I sat down to blog, but feel free to comment anyway. :) I appreciate you, all twenty of my followers, and i hope you will keep in touch. If anyone wants to email me privately, the email addy is

Until Monday, if not sooner, keep on keepin' on, remember God still loves you, and remember to pray without ceasing. It's the only way we're gonna make it through.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have never shared much of my poetry, mostly because most of it was written when i was a silly teenager. However, I wrote this just this evening, and decided to share it. Comments are welcome.


Who knew that surrender would taste so sweet!
The earth has shifted beneath my feet,
And my reality has changed.
Where once I was content to kick against the pricks,
Where once I lay buried beneath heavy bricks
I now wear a new set of chains.

I once was a prisoner against my will.
Hope lay dead, silent and still.
Forever meant to be a slave.
Daily the weight on my shackles increased!
They were tearing me apart, and there was no relief!
There was no life beyond this cave.

"I surrender all!" became my heart's cry.
It was all I could do; I did not want to die!
I kept nothing from Him this time.
With no word of rebuke, He accepted my gift,
Poured His light in to me and closed up the rift,
And because of Him, I can shine.

Chains of obedience now make me free!
Surrender is sweet; I sing victory!
I gladly bare His name.
Finally trusting He will supply my need,
I am content to follow His lead.
Bound by love, there is no shame.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cast Your Vote On Your Favorite Excerpt!

Wow, y'all, I just realized what day it is! Seriously, if you've been waiting on an entry today, I'm sorry. I actually forgot. :)

So, since I'm late at blogging, I'll do something I don't normally do. How about an excerpt? Let's see, what to post. Hmm... Oh, I know!

Ok, here's the deal. I'm working on two different stories right now. I'm going to post teensy excerpts from each, and y'all can vote on which one you think I should finish, first! The piece that gets the most votes, will get more attention than the other.

So, here we go!, and please look over the typos. :)

Excerpt one:
["You may be home, but this is still my house, and if I want to pay someone to care for the yard, I will.  And, since you apparently want to have this conversation your second day back, then, yes, you have been gone too long.  I've needed you, Addie, and you can't even come home long enough to spend the holidays with me.  I know your work in Morgantown has been important to you, but it's high time you settled down and found out what is more important in life."

For an instant, Adison could only stand there and stare at her mother.

"I know what is important in life," she said.  "I'm a Christian, I go to church regularly.  I pray, and I'm sincere about it.  I love you, I miss Dad, and I'm…"

"Holding a grudge against Trace O'Connor for going in to the military instead of marrying you," Helen finished.

Adison felt like she had been punched in the stomach, and for a moment, she had to concentrate just to breathe.

"I do not begrudge Trace the right to serve his country."

"Don't you?" Helen asked.


"Then, why aren't you married to him?  Why have you avoided his family, all these years?"

"Because," she choked out, "it hurts too bad!  Because he chose the army over me!  And…  And, because I made a promise to help injured soldiers.  How was I supposed to do that while living on a base?  And, what if…  What if he got his fool self k-killed over there in Iraq, like Daddy?  You forget, Mom, I know how hard it was on you, when they came and told us Daddy was gone, and I don't want to go through that."

Tears glistened on Helen's lashes, and it took her a moment of swallowing hard before she could answer.  When she did, her voice was so soft, Adison had to lean close in order to hear.

"And, you, my daughter, have forgotten that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.  Furthermore, if helping injured soldiers is what you are really called to do, then maybe you should get your rear over to the O'Connors and start doing it!"

With that, Helen stood and went in to the house, allowing the screen door to slam shut behind her.

Feeling as if she had missed something very important, Adison blinked, realizing only then that she was alone on the porch.  She rubbed a hand across her eyes, and tried to recall what her mom had just said, but it was like her brain had stopped working.

They had been talking about her dad, hadn't they?  And, her mom had said that it was better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.  Then, she had said…something about…helping injured soldiers and the O'Connors…and…

Oh, God no!

The exclaimation was somewhere between a cry and a prayer, and the sound of her own voice, raw and pleading made the little hairs at the nape of her neck stand at attention.]

Excerpt two:
[ As the last notes of the verse sounded in the tiny cubical, she met Colbey's gaze and knew it was over; Mr. Saunders had passed.
Colbey closed the unseeing eyes, folded the lifeless hands over the silent chest, and helped Katie spread a sheet over the body before speaking.
Touching a hand to her shoulder, he said, "It's nearly dawn, and we both have been here since yesterday morning.  Come have coffee with me before I take you home."
"I don't think that is a good idea," she said, an all to familiar ache squeezing her heart.
Rubbing a tired hand across his eyes, Colbey sighed.
"No, I guess it isn't."
"There should be some coffee in the lounge, though, and Mrs. Pemberton brought in some homemade doughnuts last night."
Colbey looked in to her eyes, and Katie knew what he was unable to ask. She mustered up a smile for him and nodded; she would never mention the invitation, again.
The lounge was quiet, the coffee hot, and there was a couple of doughnuts left in the box. Leaning back in an old, overstuffed chair, Katie took a long drink of coffee, allowing it to warm the inside of her mouth before swallowing. What she had to tell Colbey was not going to be easy, especially after the night they had had, but it needed to be said.
When he looked up, she took a deep breath and just blurted it out.
"I'm leaving New York."
There was a dazed look in his eyes, and it took him a full minute to realize she was serious.
He sat his coffee cup down with such force that some of the dark liquid splashed out on to the table, but he paid no attention.
"Leaving? But...but why? I thought... Well, I thought you liked it here ."
"I do like it here, but it's time for me to go home. The folks are having a time of it, what with the drought and the economy like it is. I've... I've learned a lot, and I've enjoyed it, but it's time for me to leave."
For a moment, Colbey's mouth moved, but no sound came out. Katie's heart ached at the desperation on his face, but there was nothing she could do about it; he had made his choice and they both had to live with it.
"I leave on tomorrow morning's train. I know it's sudden, but..."
"Sudden? You're right, it's sudden! I mean, sure an extra pair of hands would help out at home, but your folks would never hold it against you, if you stayed. You know that!"
"Yes, I know."
"Then, why, Katie?"
"You know why, Colbey."
Just like that, the truth, wrong as it was, lay between them. And, as if she could be conjured up by thoughts alone, the door to the lounge banged open and, Camille Lockhart stormed through the portal like a whirlwind.
For an instant, Katie froze, but, recovering quickly, she schooled her features to give nothing away. Then, like the lady her mama Shewana had taught her to be, she set down her half empty coffee cup, rose to her feet and nodded politely toward a seething Camille.
"Thank you for the coffee, Dr. Lockhart," she said, not allowing her gaze to stray toward Colbey. "If you will excuse me, I must be heading home. Good day, Mrs. Lockhart."
Then, back straight and head held high, she walked out of the lounge and out through the front door of the hospital, never looking back. It was not until she stood alone in her room at the boarding house that she allowed her shoulders to slump in defeat.
You are such an idiot, Katie Colton; in love with a married man!]

So, I am anxiously awaiting your vote. Which one intrigues you the most?

One more thing before I'm finished. How would y'all like for me to post book reviews on here? How often?

Until next time, keep smiling, keep praying, and eat some chocolate ice cream for me. Ok? lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

What's On Your Mind?

If you are on FaceBook, then you know about the box where you put your status and the question it asks. "What's on your mind?" My screen reader, which is called VoiceOver on the Mac, actually sounds as if he is asking a question, when he reads this box. His voice goes up near the end, prompting an answer. However, what I want to know is, does everyone on FaceBook really want to know what is truly on my mind, or does everyone hop on there, hoping to see something funny?

It's the same way, when folks ask how you are. You see someone while you are out and about, and you both say hi, and then, one of you ask, "How you doing?" Do we really want to know, or are we just being nice? Usually, I think the latter is true.

I have a friend who, when you ask him how he is, he answers the same thing all the time. He says, "Wonderfully blessed." Admittedly, this is something we are not used to hearing, which is sad.

Once, my husband and I passed a man, and Terry asked, "How are you?"

"Just terrible, buddy," the man said, "just terrible."

At the time, I'm sorry to say, I laughed, and I still smile, when i think of that man, mostly because he answered in such a dry tone, almost as if he was saying the opposite. But, here again, we do not usually expect folks to say they are bad off, or just terrible, which leads me to believe we only ask how someone is doing or ask what's on their mind, just as a courtesy.

Wonder why that is?

Have we gotten so wrapped up in our own lives, our own misery, our own joys, needs and feelings that we can't even begin to consider another's feelings? Are we just too busy to stop and show concern for another? If this is so, then why be courteous at all? Why not just end our greetings with a simple, "Hi there."? If you don't want to know how someone is doing, don't ask them. If you don't care what's on someone's mind, then don't ask.

Sometimes, on FaceBook, I don't post anything, because I don't have anything to say. Yes, there is always something on my mind, but no, I don't always want to share it. Sometimes, I am thinking about books, the ones I'm reading and the ones I'm working on. Sometimes, I'm thinking of things I need to do, or folks I'd like to talk to. Sometimes, I am just trying to practice good manners, and say nothing, 'cause I don't have anything nice to say. lol

So, I said all that, to say this; a lot has been on my mind lately. last Thursday was not only St. Patrick's Day, which I celebrated by eating a green doughnut, but it was also the anniversary of my baptism back in 1991.

The day was clear, the sky blue, the sun warm, the water in the water whole, cold as ever, and I'll never forget it. One of the ministers who baptized me is dead, now, and I still miss him, even though he's been gone since 2004. After the service, my mom and my sisters and I went to my grandparents' house and had dinner. We kids, my sisters and cousins and I played outside in the yard all afternoon. I was 12 years old, and to me, life just couldn't get any better than it was that day.

This passed Friday, March 18, was my wedding anniversary. terry and I were married 11 years ago at Mammoth Advent Christian Church in Mammoth WV. Pastor Roy Boyd did the ceremony, my cousin Tina sang a song and played the piano for the service, and I said vows that took almost 11 years to understand. :) See my entry, "Wil Thou Love Him, Serve Him, Honor and Obey Him" for more details. A cousin of mine had made the cake, my grandmother had made the punch, and everyone, it seemed, was there to share the day.

Yesterday, March 20, makes one month since Mamaw died, and I can't believe that time has gone so fast. Some members of my family can't speak of her, to this day. Some write nice things on FaceBook about and to her. Me, I don't know how to express my feelings. I can't seem to talk about her, I can't bring myself to write anything on FaceBook, I can't cry anymore either. So, since I can't do any of those things, let me tell you what I would like to do.

I want more than anything to go sit on her front porch and listen to the singing of birds and the occasional passing of a vehicle on the road. I want to take a deep breath and smell the chopped wood awaiting the winter in the wood house out back. I want to hear the laughter of children at play in the front yard. I want to go outside in the winter and breathe in the scents of wood smoke and fresh snow. I want to enjoy the shade at 6PM in the summer, when the sun goes down over the mountains too early. I want do wash dishes at her sink and listen to the pitterpat of rain on the pump house roof outside the open kitchen window. I guess what I really want is to go home.

I have this weird urge to change something major in my life, but I have no clue what that would be. Had thought of getting my hair cut, but the baby loves to play with it so much, I can't bare to do that to her. I have no desire to feel pain of any kind, so there goes a piercing or tatu. lol I can't see worth a plug nickel, so better not get behind the wheel and punch the gas. Wouldn't do any good to die my hair, cause what's the point when I can't see it, anyway? Good grief, y'all, I'm running out of crazy things to do, here!

Now, don't y'all go thinking I'm feeling sorry for myself, or anything. I'm not. I wouldn't die my hair, get a tatu or piercing, even if I could see. Jump in the car and punch the gas, though? Well... :)

So, there you have it, folks, what was on my mind, when I sat down to write. Be sure to come back Wednesday for another entry. Have no clue what I'll write about, but maybe that's best. Keeps ya least I hope it does. Until Wednesday, keep praying, keep on keepin' on, and go check out my new book on amazon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Good is Your Imagination?

Welcome to Writing Wednesdays! Today's post, like so many of my posts, will probably seem a bit random, mostly because what goes through my mind is a bit random, but it does have something to do with writing...sort of.

How creative does one need to be in order to become a good writer? Can a mother spot the writer in her child from an early age?

In answer to the first question, I have to say I don't know. For sure, there must be some creativity there in order for a person to write fiction. But, what about nonfiction? Again, I don't know. I don't write nonfiction, unless you consider this blog a work of nonfiction. :)

As for the second question, as a mother, I would say yes. Let me give an example to explain what I mean. Kierstin, my 3-year-old is always playing pretend. She brings me barbie dolls, toy ponies and baby dolls, and we make up conversations for them. She make-believes one is fighting another, pretends to save one of them if they are falling, and introduces her dolls to mine, wanting to be friends. She names the bubbles in the bathtub, when I put in bubble bath, asks her family to pretend to be someone else, and today, she named the potatoes that I was cutting for a roast we are having for dinner. lol

"This one's name is Shala," she said. "Cut her real easy. She's a baby."

I promised to be easy, then said, "You'll eat Shala for dinner."

She thought I was teasing and laughed. But, even when she understood I was serious, the thought of eating poor, baby Shala for dinner didn't bother her. Haha!

My other daughter, Faith who is 5 has a wonderful imagination as well, but it is different than her sister's. Faith would rather tell you the story, while Kierstin wants to act it out. One night, after pulling the stopper out of the drain to let out the bath water, Faith asked me, "Can we have a funeral for them?"

"Who?" I asked.

"Our bubble babies we named that are going down the drain."

I was like, "I guess." lol

I guess with an imagination like Kierstin, you'd never be without friends, and with an imagination like Faith's, you'd always have something to write about. :) So, which one will be the writer? Too soon to tell, but Faith has already written a couple of little stories. Of course, Kierstin isn't writing yet, so time will tell.

I don't know how anyone else feels about the subject, but if you don't have a good imagination, then how can you write fiction? How can a writer put life to a long dead historical figure, or a potato, for goodness sake, if they can't imagine it? Imagining how someone would act in different situations is how a writer makes up characters. Being able to come up with different, what ifs, is what stories are made of.

Many people ask me, "How do you come up with this stuff?" talking about my books.

Well, folks, the answer is, I play pretend. Then, because I am me and no one else, I take that pretend and try to make it as believable as possible. All my characters are just that, pretend people with real life situations to go through. Just as people are different and go through different life experiences, so are my characters different. I can't write a book that is too similar to another; it just won't come out right, because if I don't make it up from scratch, then it isn't mine; it's someone else's. And, folks, if you steal someone else's work, it's called plagiarism.

So, that's what was on my mind, when I sat down to write this entry. Any thoughts, y'all would like to share? Always like hearing from my readers, so feel free to drop a comment. What did you think of Monday's interview? Want more of those? Anyone in mind?

Until next time, take care of yourselves, keep smiling, and remember to name your potatoes before eating them for dinner. They probably tastes better that way. lol

Monday, March 14, 2011

Introducing the man behind the microphone, Jonathan Milam!

Good morning, y'all! I'm so glad you could join me on this Monday! Did you have a good weekend? If so, then I have good news: Lord willing, another weekend is only five days away! lol

Today, I have for you an interview I did with my good friend, Jonathan Milam. Joe, as I used to call him, way back in the day, used to live up here in WV near me. We attended the same elementary school, and the bus ride to and from was over an hour, if my memory serves me correctly. We spent that time sharing snacks our moms had packed for us, playing bus drivers, where we would pretend to chat back and forth as we drove the children to school, and I think we even sang a song or two. When he moved away to North Carolina, just after my first grade year, things got pretty quiet around here, but we kept in touch by sending braille letters and tapes to one another. Today, we keep in touch via email, but who doesn't? Right? :)

Jonathan asked me if he could have me on one of his radio shows, and since I wanted to return the favor, well, here you go.

Shannon: How long have you known you wanted to work in radio?
Jonathan: As early as I can remember, I've just somehow had this endless fascination with radio and knew that it was the career that I wanted to pursue.
Shannon: What inspired you?
Jonathan: That is a great question, and unfortunately it is one to which I don't have an answer.  I believe my fascination with radio developed due to the fact that audio was my major source of enjoyment as a child.
Shannon: That makes sense. So, how old were you when you first started working at a radio station?
Jonathan: In 1997, when I was 17 and still in High School, I began working at WTOB-AM, a News/Talk station in Winston-Salem North Carolina, and then moved to WFDD-FM, a Public Radio station at Wake Forest University in late 1998.
Shannon: How did you manage to get your own internet radio station, and where did you get the idea?
Jonathan: My lifelong dream has been to own my own radio station.  I think that is a dream of most people who have a passion for radio like me.  I have had many interviews and encounters with radio station management staff who are unwilling to hire someone with a disability.  I think many sighted people try to picture themselves doing a job without sight, and just cannot fathom how someone who is blind could possibly be successful in doing so.  Obviously this isn't stereotypical with everyone given my employment history.  In any case, I hosted an online radio show with ACBRI, and audio service of the American Council of the Blind, for a few years and really enjoyed it.  I then decided to venture out on my own and run my own station.  My main goal was to create an online environment where my family, friends and I could visit and hang out together.  However, I also figured if I couldn't fulfill my passion for radio at terrestrial stations, I would start my own internet station and prove myself to those who initially refused to help me pursue my dream.  I contacted a previous member of the ACBRI broadcast staff who owned an online business offering hosting plans for internet stations and went from there.
Shannon: If you could, would you do radio all the time?
Jonathan: I will always be involved in some form of radio broadcasting.  It is something that I've always wanted to do, and no matter where my actual career path takes me, I will never lose my obsession for the field.  However, my current full-time job is the Team Lead Technical Support Coordinator at Wake Forest University's IT Service Desk.  I started working there in August of 2000, and discovered an interest in computers and internet technology that I really never knew I had.  It's truly an awesome place to work and I honestly don't think I could be treated any better by an employer!!
Shannon: Were you ever shy about talking through a microphone?
Jonathan: I was as a child, however, as I've gotten older, it has become much easier to engage in public speaking.  My previous jobs and my daily interaction with customers at work has helped a great deal as well.
Shannon: How did you become blind?
Jonathan: I was born completely blind as a result of an eye disease called Aniridia, which prevented my irides from developing.  The irides are responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupils of the eyes.
Shannon: Did your blindness ever get in the way of your dream of working in radio? If so, what did you do to overcome it?
Jonathan: Well, not directly.  There were/are those who don't think it is possible, but I believe talents are given by God, and through him, all things are possible.  I think that one of my greatest strengths is determination, and I have always viewed blindness as an inconvenience more than a disability.
Shannon: Do you have any other hobbies?
Jonathan: I love listening to audio books and watching crime shows on TV.  I've always been fascinated by police work, and if I could see, I think I would be a state trooper.  When I was a kid, the father of one of my brother's friends was a local cop, and I've been hooked ever since.  I also love swimming and bike riding as well, and of course, visiting radio stations whenever possible.  I just can't get enough.
Shannon: You ride a bike? Now, that is unusual for a blind person to do. How do you do it?
Jonathan: Basically I just listen to where I'm going as I ride.  Pretty crazy I know but it really works.  lol
Shannon: Oh Wow! But, in a way, I know what you mean. So, if you were to give advice to someone wanting to work in radio, what would it be?
Jonathan: My answer might be considered somewhat senekal.  I would first say not to give up.  I was interviewed by a TV station after a 30 minute show I had on a local station back in 1990 when I was 10, and my answer 21 years later hasn't changed.  However, I would also strongly suggest that a person learn as much as humanly possible about computers and automation systems.  Radio has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time from carts and CDs, and now lives largely in the digital world.  You certainly don't make a ton of money in it for the most part, and the opportunities for live and local talent are slim to none, given that there are less people owning more and more stations.  However, I also understand that if you are hopelessly in love with it like I am, no amount of water could, nor should, distinguish that fire.
Shannon: What advice would you give to a person who is blind, when it comes to following their dreams?
Jonathan: Here again, don't give up.  We as blind people are just as capable as the sighted.  We work in NASA, we are doctors, and some of us have even driven race cars.  I am constantly amazed by the professions many choose, but I am never doubtful of the success.  Can't never could do anything, and blind people should never let anyone or anything stand in the way of living the life and dream he or she chooses to live.
Shannon: "Can't never could do anything" I like that! Anything else you want to share with us, like projects you are planning or things you will be getting in to in the near future?
Jonathan: Well I must say that I am always getting into mischief to some degree.  What is life without laughter and fun?  I am always trying to convince people that being blind is an act and that I really can see.  Trust me, that can be quite hilarious, just ask those who know me.  Seriously though, I am always looking for new ways of making my internet station the best it can be by entertaining its listeners.  I play a wide variety of music in the Vault, but also throw in quite a bit of talk and laughter with in my live shows.  My co-host Sheila, AKA Pokergirl, certainly contributes to that as well.  She is also the person who maintains the website and generally tries to keep me out of trouble.  The shows themselves aren't actual talkshows, but they aren't all music either.  I try to keep it interesting but keep the music flowing as well.  I even have a request script on my site that allows listeners to request songs 24/7.  Once requested, I guarantee they will be heard within 5.945 minutes.  I can make this promise because the computer never makes mistakes, right?
Shannon: How important do you think your family has been in accomplishing your dream?
Jonathan: My family has most definitely played a major role in my success.  My Mom especially, has been an unbelievable blessing to me.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.  She is the perfect fan, and always listens to my shows.  My Uncle John has helped recruit listeners, and my grandma doesn't have a computer, but can hardly wait for me to make CDs of my shows and take them to her.  My nephew Kane, was born in November last year, and I have decided to do everything possible to ensure that he continues the tradition of our family's involvement with broadcasting.  He would be so picture perfect with a little set of headphones on.  I'm sure my brother is beside himself with excitement, hehe!

Thank you, Jonathan for allowing me to interview you. I enjoyed being on your radio show, too. Whenever I go back and read your answers, I feel inspired enough to tackle Mamaw's sewing machine just one more time. lol 

To listen live to 945 The Vault, go to
The site is easy to navigate, and when you request a song, it's almost instantaneous. You can pretty much listen to any music you want, from classic rock and classic country, to 80's rock, R&B, wrap, 90's country and hits of today. He even plays a small amount of Christian music. I think between 3 and 6 A.M. you can listen to the old radio show, Fibber McGee and Molly. And, I won't say who sometimes gets up early to listen to that. lol

To learn more about the American Council of the Blind and it's internet radio program, go to

Thanks, y'all for joining me today. I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Jonathan. Be sure to come back on Wednesday when I will blog again. Until then, keep smiling, keep singing and go visit 945 The Vault!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writing Wednesdays: More Randomness

This morning, I fired up the old Toshiba to see if there were anymore articles from my Poetic Monthly Days, and there was one, but it talked about a book signing, so decided not to post it. I don't know what else to say today about writing, but the fact that I am writing is a good thing, anyway.

Y'all remember that blog post where I said I couldn't write for feeling guilty about my dirty house? Well, I don't have that problem today. Nope, the the only thing I am waiting on is the rugs to get dry before putting them back down. They will go on a freshly swept and mopped floor. I worked on the bathroom yesterday, and while it's not perfect, it shows improvement. Nope, holding off writing to do housework isn't the problem today. Getting back in the mood for writing, now that I've been workin' my tail off, is. lol

I did write a couple of pages Saturday morning, which are part of the third book in the Wild Heart series, but I can't seem to get beyond that one scene. It's a sad one, so I can't share it with anyone close to me...kind of too close to how we are all feeling round here, but it's a good one.

I have also been working on my website
I've added info about "To Tame A Heart", and you can read the first chapter there, too, if you like spoilers. Soon, I will be adding a PayPal button, so you can purchase a copy straight from me, if you want it autographed, that is.

Let's see, what else have I been doing, besides cleaning, dishes, laundry, cooking, blah, blah, blah? Well, I've started cutting out pieces for a quilt I want to make. It won't be a pretty quilt, but I'm making it in to a textually interesting quilt. I've cut out 6 squares, already, and it took longer to cut those 6 squares out than i figured it would. I couldn't figure out how to get the material to hold still while I cut it, using a cardboard square as a guide. Finally, I just put a piece of masking tape on the square and taped the fabric to it. The squares look a bit retarded, but they'll be all right.

Here's something to look forward to! I am going to be doing an interview here on the Old Time Christian blog! A friend of mine, the man who interviewed me on his radio program has agreed to be interviewed. You can read it, right here on Monday, March 14, 2011, so don't forget! Jonathan is a cool guy, who you will find very interesting. He and I go way back, to like preschool, I think. We used to ride the school bus together, and once I went over to his house to play. Our mom's would pack snacks for us, since the bus ride to school was so long and we shared them. Our favorite game to play on the bus was bus drivers. We would pretend to be a bus driver, and we would have to use the pretend CB to communicate. He always insisted on making the "shht" sound at the end of whatever we said, to sound like the radios the drivers were using at the time. lol

Now an adult, :) Jonathan has his own radio station, and you can find it at
You won't want to miss this interview, so please come back and read the blog on Monday.

So, I guess that's all the randomness I can come up with on this rainy, windy afternoon. I really enjoy hearing from y'all, so feel free to comment and go check out my website
and let me know what you think. Until Monday, take care, keep smiling, and remember, when your strength fails, that's when God's strength is made perfect.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Random Post That Gets A Bit Preachy :)

Ok, yeah, so I know this entry is late, but Monday isn't over yet. Right?

So, why so late? Well, it's been a hard day for me. I read a friend's first rough draft of her book, then washed up a few dishes. Then, I was busy feeding my girls, who ate very well all day. :) So, then I was messaging a couple of folks concerning different things, and then, before I knew it, it was time for the man of the house to come home from work. Bless him, my hubby brought me dinner, even though I should have fixed it, myself. Oh well. I'll cook tomorrow.

While munching on dinner, we watched a recorded version of "Chopped All Stars". And now, I'm just ready to crash. My eyes feel dry and kind of hot, even though I am no longer crying. I just, feel drained. Part of it is fatigue, part of it is missing Mamaw.

Speaking of tears, here's a question. Do you think that if you cry too much, you get thirsty, just as if you had perspired? I'm thinking the answer is yes, because I can't get enough to drink, it seems.

Y'all know what i really want, right about now...ok, besides an icecream sandwich? :D A vacation. Yep, a vacation. I wanna go somewhere, preferably Romney, WV, where I can walk along a quiet sidewalk, where I can visit with friends who are almost like family, and where I can find a quiet spot to sit outside in the mornings with my coffee or coke and hear the birds. Yeah, I have birds here at my house, too, but it's different. I can hear too much traffic, here, and it smells different. I just want to sit on a bench on the campus of WVSB and be left alone to drink my coffee, pop or tea and not have to talk to anyone but God. And, yeah, I know I can talk to Him no matter when or where, but prayer is even different when you are out in the country.

Ok, y'all, it is now time for an old lady moment. You ready? Here goes! The man of the place and I are sitting back here watching a recorded episode of "Iron Chef America", and I can't help but think of how much money, time, energy and food is wasted on this show. Yes, I like to watch it, but I knew a girl from another country one time, who would have probably killed to have only one bite of some of that food. What can we do to help end world hunger? Feed people instead of airing dumb shows where no one except special folks get to eat.

Oh, deed, I feel more politicking coming on.

It isn't right that we have such a high unemployment rate here in America, and we buy stuff from other countries. We should be making our own stuff, at least some of it. I don't mind foreigners to do a job, especially if they are capable and willing to work, but if they are going to live here, let them become citizens, and if they don't live here, and we pay them for a job, the let's limit some of it and hire Americans to do the job.

Of course, that raises the question, are Americans just not willing to work? Do they think they are too good for a particular job? Or, is someone higher up not willing to pay American's when it's cheaper to let the Chinese do it?

If I go to France and make a mistake when speaking to them in French, they are offended. But, if someone comes here and doesn't even bother to learn English, we're supposed to say, "Oh well. Haha, that don't matter."

That, my friends, is two-faced!

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence wanted to be separate from a country that did not allow them to worship or speak as they wished. One of the reasons for declaring their independence from England was so they could worship however they wished. However, today, in modern day America, an Indiana church called the law on a woman who only wanted to worship God in a Christian church! The law, people! A Christian church who supposedly worshipped God, would not allow an elderly woman to vocally worship God! Do y'all see a trend here?

You don't have to like the fact that I am a Christian, but remember, I have the same right to not like the fact you are worshipping buddha. If A person is allowed to pray in a mosc, then a person who is a Christian ought to be allowed to worship in a church. If the government has the right to tell me how to pray as a Christian, then they should be telling everyone else how to pray. But, nope, what they will do is tell the one who is least likely to object.

Well, folks, this old time Christian WILL pray in Jesus's name! This Christian WILL worship God in spirit and in truth, and if you don't like it, go home!

Ok, that's enough. It's bed time. Y'all have a good week, and come back Wednesday to read about writing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Writing Wednesdays: To Tame A Heart

Yes, that title is correct! My newest book, the sequel to "Wild Heart" is out! It's called, in case you missed it, "To Tame A Heart"! You can purchase it straight fromAmazon at the following web address

You can read the back info on Amazon, so instead of telling you what it is about, I'll just put an excerpt here. Think that will be all right? :) So, here's a teensy bit of the story.

Excerpt of "To Tame A Heart" by Shannon Nicole Wells


April, 1882

A storm was coming.  Deric could see it.  Even if he had not been able to see the dark clouds moving toward him, he would have known by the way the cattle were acting.  In preparation for spring round up, he and the men who worked for him were attempting to move a portion of the herd down to the southern pasture, where it would be easier to work.  The cattle, nervous at the approaching storm, however, were having none of it.

Deric was not afraid, he had lived out here all his life, after all and knew what to expect from a Wyoming storm. The uneasy lowing of the animals, the darkening sky and the tension in the air were, however,  putting him on edge.  He was glad he had told his wife to stay with Cookie and the chuck wagon.  They would have already found shelter.  He was also thankful for his sure-footed mount, a big, ornery stallion who wasn't afraid of anything, including the spooked cattle. That horse wasn't letting any thing or anyone bother him.

Cracking his whip over a straying cow, Deric shouted and herded the animal back among the others.  The men around him were doing the same, hoping against hope they could get to lower ground before the storm hit.

Glancing up, he tried to guess how long they had and was dismayed to see that the roiling mass of clouds had developed a greenish brown look.  Tornadoes did not usually come in April, although it was possible.  He studied the clouds and just as a streak of lightning lit up the underside of the boiling mass, he saw something that chilled his blood.

Riding toward them, her back to the storm was his wife.

Now, what was she doing out here?  Had she lost her mind?

He wanted to shout to her, to tell her to get off that horse and head for the lowest piece of ground she could.  He knew it was futal, though, because she would not be able to hear him.

Trying to remain calm, he made his way through the mass of bodies and clashing horns, praying he could get to her in time.

She turned then and saw him.  Waving frantically, she pointed to the storm and said something, but he could not hear her and was not close enough to read her lips.  He shook his head and motioned for her to ride.  She just sat there, tall as ever, outlined against the ever-increasing bolts of lightning.

Crazy female!  Why did she have to get all independent now?

Although Deric had never been one to order a woman about as if he owned her,  there were times when he expected to be obeyed.  And, right now, in the midst of a coming tornado and at the outside of a full out stampede, was one of them.

Leaning low over the saddle, he pushed his mount, aptly named Lightning, toward the place where his Pamela waited.  Thunder boomed, drawing his attention to the steer at his right that was mooing in his ear.  Deric jerked back, only to stare in horror at the beast's horns.  They had little bluish bits of light on them. Seeing them, he shied away and pressed himself even lower, grabbing a handful of the horse's mane.  Then, the wind, which had kicked up a few moments before, died down. Left in its wake was what would have been an ominous silence, if the cattle had not been bawling.

Then, without warning, a horn caught Deric from his other side. With a grimace of pain, he pressed his arm to his side.  He didn't think the wound was serious, but it warned him to get moving.  He had to get away from the cattle and get to his wife.

He looked up then, searching for her.  Ah, there she was.  Now, if he just had a clear path…

Just as he was thinking this, however, a flash so bright it blinded him split the gloom and at the same time, there was an awful bang that he felt in his chest.  There was no time to react, no time to scream, no time for anything.  One minute, he was headed for his wife, and the next, he was deaf, blind and being hurled along. It was impossible to know where he was going.

It felt like forever to him, but in just a couple of minutes, he realized that he and the horse were heading in a different direction than the stampeding herd.   He chanced a cautious glance up and froze.  There on top of the knoll where his wife had been on her own mount, was nothing.


Her name was a cry on his lips, as he threw himself out of the saddle.  After catching himself, Deric ran to where she had been just a minute ago.  He would have fallen over her, if he had not been watching the ground.  As it was, he only stumbled over her horse, as he made his way to where she lay.

Ignoring the pain in his side, he knelt by her and touched her face.  He kept calling her name in hopes of a response, but there was none.  He checked her pulse; then her breathing, but with thunder shaking the ground and rain pelting down, he could not feel or hear a thing.  He tried blowing in to her mouth, as Dr. Wilson had taught him. He sealed his lips over hers and forced air down in to her lungs, but his efforts, frantic as they were,  did not seem to matter.

With a dawning horror, he realized she was gone. His Pammy, the love of his life, was gone.

Throwing back his head, he stared with unseeing eyes up in to the writhing heavens and cried out with all the emotion inside him.


And, that's all ye git! lol Unless, of course, you want to buy a copy of your own. Did I leave you hanging? If so, good! That's what I wanted to do.

Deric Christy's story took a year and a half to write. Sometimes, I would get up real early and write for 2 hours or more until the girls and my husband got up. Sometimes, I would stay up later, after everyone went to bed in order to write. Some things I wrote never made it in to the story, and some of it was just plain hard to write. I remember one night in particular, i had stayed up late to write. At one point, I remember getting thirsty, so I poured a glass of sweet tea and kept on writing. I checked my watch and was surprised to see it was 2 AM. "Oh well," I thought, "I'll just write a bit more."

Well, 3 hours later, when i checked the time again, it was 5 AM and I was still on a roll. lol I finished that particular scene around 6 that morning and like to never stayed awake later that day.

For those of you without sight, I'm sorry for the wait, but I have contracted to get it in audio. I don't know how long it will take, but I know the man is working on it. If you are interested in an audio copy of "To Tame A Heart" or "Wild Heart" leave a comment and I'll email you back with more info. Also, keep checking this blog for more info. W. B. Ward did an excellent job of narrating my first book, and I expect this one to be even better!

So, there you have it; info about my third published book! Be sure to come back next Wednesday for another edition of Writing Wednesdays, when I will post the last article I have that I wrote for Poetic Monthly magazine. I am no longer doing Music Mondays, but I will blog on Monday, so be sure to come back then, too and I'll have something for you to read.

Also, before I go, I want to let you know I will be interviewed on an internet radio station on Thursday, March 3 between 7 and 9 PM. You can find the station at
A friend of mine from way back started this internet radio station, and he plays anything from old classic country to R&B, to wrap, to bluegrass, to 80's rock and even some southern gospel. Early in the mornings, like around 5, I have even heard him playing old radio shows, like Fibber McGee. I like listening to Fibber and Molly. :)

So, until next time, keep reading, keep writing, and remember, it's ok to cry sometimes, too, as long as you smile a lot in between.