Friday, October 30, 2009

Author Fridays Presents...Rosetta McHugh!

Welcome to another edition of Author Fridays!  Sit back, get comfortable and read about this week's featured author, Rosetta McHugh!


Rosetta McHugh is a first-time author.  Her book is "Poodiky Oglethorpe" and was released July 26th 2009 by Publish America.


McHugh's desire to be a writer actually began when she was a teenager.  "I had no idea how to get a book published and had very little self esteem," she says.  "There was no way I could ever think of myself as a writer so I dismissed the thoughts.  As I began teaching children in Sunday school and children's church, and even with my own children, I realized that a child that had difficulty enjoying reading didn't do as well in learning.  I wanted to make a difference by writing children's books that would hopefully be fun and interesting enough to catch a child's attention at a younger age to help develop the love for reading.  And so began my first story with Poodiky Oglethorpe.   The hate I had for reading is actually what inspired me to write.  Sort of like conquering your fears by facing what you fear.  I now catch myself stopping at the book isle in every store I go into wishing I had enough money to buy them to read and share them.   I just wish I hadn't waited so long to begin such an exciting journey."


Today, McHugh's hobbies include: writing, gardening, drawing and painting.  She is glad to not only be the author of her book, but the illustrator, as well.  "As I grow older," she tells me, "I am finding that I enjoy books and reading more than when I was a child.  My mother was always reading and although she wanted me to enjoy it too, I could never get past the first page because she was so engrossed in her stories, she would send me to handle the chores.  After a few months of not getting into a book, I began to hate reading.  I realized as a young adult that I needed to get past my hate for reading but it was a hard habit to break."


"My ideas for my book that is presently published and for the others I am working on have come from my everyday home life.  I have a Chocolate lab that listened very well in the city.  When he saw a rabbit and proceeded the chase, all I had to do is say the words "leave it".   He would immediately stop and turn around and leave the little rabbit alone.  A few years ago we moved to the country.  When this city dog got a sniff of all the country smells, his brain and nose connected and went into overdrive.  That's when his ears shut down and the words, "leave it" were erased from his vocabulary.  He is now grounded to a strong leash and supervision.  This is similar to the experience that Poodiky has.


Not only does McHugh have a chocolate lab, she also has two Bernese mountain dogs, a cat, and a super large garden that takes up a lot of her time.  "I have a wonderful husband that supports me in all areas of my life," she says.  "I have successfully raised three wonderful children, now in their adult years and also have one grandchild.  We are presently raising Alpacas."


When I asked Mrs. McHugh what she thought readers would get from reading her book, she answered, "I approached the story from the puppies point of view.  As the puppy learns his lesson about sneaking out without his owner's knowledge, children can relate to the things that happen to him.  No one wants to see a puppy get lost or hurt.  I hope by following that approach, children will remember the moral or lesson of the story a lot easier."


"If I could give anyone advice," McHugh says, "it would be to follow your desire to be a writer.  Don't put your dream on a shelf because you feel inadequate or don't have the resources.  With the technology we have in our world today, there are more opportunities than ever before.  So I would say to you, don't wait."


"So, Rosetta, is there anything else that you would like to share with us?"


"I would like to say "Thank You" to Publish America for giving me the chance to fulfill my dream, and to all the authors I have met that have encouraged and helped me along the way.  You are wonderful!"


To learn more about Rosetta McHugh and her book, "Poodiky Oglethorpe" visit her website


Thank you for joining me for another edition of Author Fridays!  Come back next week, same time same place to read about our next featured author, Axelan Ziba!

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