Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TO TAME A HEART, Coming Soon!

"Trusting in God used to come easy to rancher Deric Christy, but when
lightening strikes, his faith is shattered. He falls prey to the voice of
the enemy and finds himself the only suspect in a murder investigation.
Dependent on a God fearing female physician, he soon realizes he can no
longer run from the demons of his past.
Times are tough for Dr. Faith Valentine. When she is asked to treat a
stranger in town, her compassion will not let her refuse, but jealousy
abounds, and there is a murderer who wants to keep a secret. Faith and Deric
both must learn how to put the past behind them and allow God to work all
things out for good.
Meanwhile, Chase Colton, foreman on a neighboring ranch, attempts to
convince his boss their love for one another can stand the test of time, if
she will only say, "yes."
Sequel to "Wild Heart" ISBN #1608132447."

6 inches by 9 inches, this paperback will contain approximately 572 pages. I
am self publishing through CreateSpace

As you who follow this blog know, I had pitched it to an agent back in June.
The agent declined to represent the book. At first I was upset and thought I
would rewrite the whole thing, but after much prayer and thought, I am
publishing, anyway. There might be mistakes. You might not like it, but if
you enjoyed Wild Heart and want to know more about the characters you met in
that book, hold on, cause things are about to happen.

I'm guessing it will be about a month before the book is available for
purchase. Although I am not certain of the price, I believe it will be in
the neighborhood of $14.00. It's so long, CreateSpace wouldn't let me go
cheaper than that. If you are interested in preordering an autographed copy
through me, you are certainly welcome to do so. Just drop me an email at
and let me know.

I know it has been a long time since I posted a blog, and I am sorry for
that. Home school, writing and being a stay-at-home mom is keeping me rather
busy. :) I promise to try and do better in the future. Until then, keep us
in your prayers and come back soon!

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