Monday, August 1, 2011

Baking and What-Not: An Update

So, it's Monday, it's the first day of August, it has almost been four months since I've written anything on here, and any faithful readers I once had are probably long gone. So, why keep on blogging? Well, guess I can't help it; writing's in me blood, you might say.

Not that I've been doing much writing, here of late, but when the urge to write hits, I do my best to obey it. If not, depression sets in, and I'm tired of going down that road.

What I have been doing a lot of, lately, is baking and reading. The reading is for entertainment, I suppose, and the baking, I reckon is how I have been expressing my creativity. Not that I've prepared anything that would impress Paula Deen or wow Rachal Ray, but I have tinkered with a few recipes and made them my own.

I found a recipe for a 100 year old blackberry cake from my own wild and wonderful state of WV. Intrigued, I wash some freshly picked blackberries from two days previously, and proceeded to mix up the ingredients, and to my amazement, I found myself singing. Singing while whipping up a cake, whose ingredients I had only memorized? Ok, so I never said I was sane. Anyway, the recipe, I discovered had a mistake in it. Near the end of the list of ingredients, it said to add a half (1/2) cup of cloves. I'm like, "There ain't no way!"

So, knowing I was smarter than that, I just added a half (1/2) teaspoon of ground cloves, which, in case you want to know, was too much, even then. I should have put only a fourth (1/4) in it. Still, the cake was good. I greased the bottom of my bunt pan with crisco, but instead of using flour, I used powdered sugar. I hoped it would sweeten the whole concoction. I think it worked. One thing I should have done and did not, was sweeten the berries before baking. the sweet cake made them sour as ever, even though they were sweet and ripe from off the vine.

A couple of weeks before the blackberry cake, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. I couldn't find my baking powder, so used self rising flour, instead. They turned out rather yummy, if I do say so, myself.

Just last week, I took a recipe for peach cobbler that I found online, and instead of canned peaches, I use 2 cans of fried apples. YUM! In this recipe, as well, I used self rising flour, the hudson Cream kind. The only thing lacking with the apple cobbler, was vanilla ice cream. lol

To end this latest frenzy, two days ago, I tried a new brownie recipe. Once again, all I can say is, "Yum!"

As for reading, well, I've been all over the place with that pass time. I read a Karen Kingsbury book called "Learning", the Hannah Swensen Mysteries by Jo Ann Fluke, a few culinary mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson, and a few others that I can't remember, now. I have also reviewed a friend's book. It's called, "Classified", and she is looking to publish it, hopefully some time this year. You can check out her family's website at

And, writing, that hobby of mine that I said I wasn't doing much of? Well, I have tentatively started working on the third book in the Wild Heart series. I write something, though, find out I don't like it for one reason or another and write something else. Maybe, quite possibly, if I stop reading so many other books, I'd be able to concentrate on my own. :)

Now, here's something odd for me. There is one thing I have been writing. At least once a month since March, I've been writing letters to my grandmother who past away on February 20, 2011. Now, don't call the head doctor yet. lol I know how it sounds; weird, but it actually helps me get my thoughts and emotions under control. It's strange, but I find I can really open up and write what is on my heart, when I am writing to her. Of course, I know she can't hear me and will never read the letters. But, maybe, that is why it's easy to open up. Usually, I can't finish a letter without crying, but this last time, I did manage to get through an entire letter without tearing up. Call it therapy, call it crazy; I don't care. It makes me feel better. After all, each person grieves differently. Right? So, for now, whenever I feel I have to say something to her, or when I get to missing her real bad, I'll write her a letter. And, no, I will never publish them!

So, as for what all is happening with me, guess you have it. The summer's been hot…real hot, but I'm trying not to complain, 'cause I heard yesterday we're supposed to have another bad winter. I tell y'all, I'm awful thankful the Lord isn't calling me to go without my air conditioning. lol The family is well, and we're gearing up for another year of homeschool. Faith is in first grade, and Kierstin, I think, is ready to start some preschool stuff. How I'm going do buckle down and do it all, is something only the Lord knows.

Is that about it? Yep, I think so. I'll be posting again, soon, talking about my books that are available for purchase, and some up-coming good news concerning said books. Be sure to come back soon, for all the updates on that subject.

Until next time, keep on keeping' on, and don't be shy about dropping me a comment or an email at
to let me know what you think of my blog. I also welcome comments/questions on the topics I write about on here. You have a question for me and want it answered on the blog, let me know. You tired of hearing me yap on and on? Tell me so. :D Love hearing from my reader friends!

Keeping y'all in my prayers and asking you to do the same for me.

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