Thursday, November 24, 2011

Early Morning Thanksgiving Thoughts

Do y'all know why stores started decorating for Christmas before we even had a chance to buy the turkey for Thanksgiving? Do you know why stores are open for Christmas shopping during Thanksgiving? Do y'all know the real reason why people are encouraged to say Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas? Here's my opinion, for what it's worth.

First, the season of Christmas, no matter what religion you claim is a money maker. Stores and businesses want your money, and it would seem they aren't above doing anything to get it. If they think they can put you in the Christmas present buying mood to get your money, they will. The second reason they push Christmas so early, and the biggest reason they seem to ignore Thanksgiving, is simply this: the devil uses anything he can to keep you from being thankful. Think about it. Don't the children learn in school about the Pilgrims who came to the new world so they could worship God in their own way? And, aren't we supposed to think on what we are thankful for? So, who don't want you to be thankful? Who wants you to be as miserable as you can be? Doesn't it make sense? I mean, how can you concentrate on being thankful, if you are busy shopping? How can you focus on how good God has been to you, if you're rushing around like a crazy person, just to get a better deal on a gift nobody really needs after all?

Now, about that happy holidays thing. There's nothing wrong with wishing someone a happy holiday, nothing wrong in it at all. I mean, it is easier to say that, than to say Merry Christmas, happy Thanksgiving and happy New Year. Here again, though, if the devil can use something, he will. subtly whispering in your ear, Satan says, "You don't want to offend anyone, seeing as how you are such a great Christian. Better say happy Holidays, so you won't hurt anyone's feelings." Sounds right enough, doesn't it? I mean, God don't want you to hurt anybody's feelings. It's just like when those Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door. You either hide so they won't know your home or you are so polite to them and wish them God's blessings. Am I right?

Ok, so here's the deal. When Jesus sent His disciples out two by two to preach, he told them to go in to a city and ask if anyone is worthy, which in today's terms kind of means, "Hey, anybody interested in learning more about Jesus and willing to let me come in and talk to them?" So, Jesus tells these men that if anyone is worthy, go in and abide in peace. (Shannon's interpretation) But, if the people are not worthy, those men were to shake the dust off their feet and go on. Y'all, we're not supposed to wish for God to bless a ministry that does not follow what the Bible says. If something is causing us to stray away from God, even if it is being inclusive, we're not to do it. When Jesus comes back, He ain't going to be asking if you spent your life being politically correct.

Some Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door once, and because I'm kind of mean, I told them I didn't want their booklet cause I was blind and couldn't read it. Hahaha! They came back the next week with a copy in braille so I could read it. I read most of it, just because I was nosy. When they came back, I told them what I thought and opened my Bible. They didn't stick around much after that. I did not wish them success, because I don't want them to be successful; I want them to be saved. They were such a nice couple, and it's a shame we don't have those kinds of folks ready to spread the Word. What's the matter with us "regular Christians" anyway?

Back to Merry Christmas. If my belief and trust in Jesus bothers you, get over it. If your unbelief bothers me, which it does, I'll pray for you, but I will not harass you.

I had a teacher in elementary school who was Jewish. She brought in a Dradle and taught us to play a game with it. She told us all about Hanukah. Yet, every Christmas she would take us to a local church to sing Christmas songs. she always asked me to sing "Away In A Manger". I wonder now if her heart was searching for truth. She made Christmas crafts with us, and always wished us Merry Christmas. We in turn, wished her and her family a Happy Hanukah.

Wherever you are, Shelley Kanner, I wish you a Happy Hanukah, but more than that, I pray you realize that the baby Jesus in that old Christmas song, is the one who can bring true peace to your soul.

Wherever you are today, folks, and whatever you do, take time out to be thankful. God is the one who has provided, remember to thank Him. Don't wish someone a happy turkey day, say "Happy Thanksgiving".

Something I thought was funny, one year someone told me back in October that they had already bought the turkey for Thanksgiving. It was just a 5 pounder, but that didn't matter. She had put it in her freezer and was looking forward to turkey gravy and stuffing. When the first part of November came, she said she still had that 10 pound turkey. I didn't say anything, but I was like, I thought she had a 5 pound one. lol Then, on Thanksgiving, she said something about a 20 pound turkey took a long time to cook. Hahaha! I told my husband, "I reckon that there turkey done growed in the freezer."

Now for the contest! Y'all thought I had forgot, didn't ye? Well, I haven't. Leave me a comment either on here for Facebook and tell me how you plan to spend your Thanksgiving. I'll randomly pick a winner, and that winner will receive an audio CD version of "Wild Heart". If you've forgotten what "Wild Heart" is all about, go check it out at
Contest ends Sunday, Nov. 27 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced on Monday. Probably not blogging until then.

Happy Thanksgiving, and don't eat too much. :)


  1. Thanksgiving - spent with family :-) stuffing ourselves silly. I went shopping with my Mom at 8:30PM and got home at 3:30 am. I had three hours of sleep and was at work at 8:00. Spent Saturday preparing for my sons 4th birthday party and then party with family at 4:00. It was a great weekend spent with family.

  2. Congratulations, Heather C! :) Send me a message on FB or an email to with an address where I can send you the audio book. Sounds like a busy, happy Thanksgiving.


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