Monday, September 24, 2012

A Sunday at Guide Dogs School

The weather here yesterday was almost perfect. It was cool in the morning, about 47 I think, but it warmed to about 63 in the afternoon with the sunshine streaming down. I checked the weather on my iPhone last night, and I think today is supposed to be about the same. My new girl and I took 2 walks yesterday and worked on obedience. I have to put in here, she and I both needed it all. :) The obedience was done outside in a parking lot where there is lots of room to walk around and not bump in to anything. There were 4 students and 4 dogs in all out there, and the trainer was able to meet everyone’s individual needs. The first walk was in a park on the school’s property. There’s only one way in and one way out and the way is the same. :) It’s a cement path with bricks and pavers throughout it. There are some obstacles that one might find out in the “real world”, and I hope to spend more time out there to brush up on those little things like skinny sidewalks, sharpt turns, steps, bushes growing close to the sidewalk and the occasional squirrel or 2. :) My second walk was along city streets. There is a spot with broken sidewalk, a curb that is rounded, trees in the way, pets barking from their homes, traffic and everything else you can find on a city block. My confidence began to really soar as we walked, and I noticed my girl looking back at me several times as if to ask, “You all right back there?” One thing I have noticed about myself is I can’t memorize information when someone is constantly talking close to my head. lol By the time I study the current curb or street crossing, I have already forgotten what I did the corner before. As far as street names, I remember the names but not where they are. Ha! I need to brush up on this, and thankfully, this place has maps I can feel with street names in braille. I forgot how much I get a kick out of hearing a dog snore. She snores and you can tell by her breathing, she is dreaming. It’s funny. Today will be my first week day of training, and I’m told it’s a lot different than the weekend. But, I’m glad I had a couple of slower days to get settled. Not that I got much sleep...regular coffee after 6 in the evening doesn’t make for a pleasant sleep, but I’m not nervous or afraid. I feel at peace about my new pup and I as a working team. Well, I’m going to go hook up to the internet and post this. Mornings come early around here, and I want to get it finished before I take my girl out. After she does her business, I’ll dish out some grub and put it in her bowl. Then, I’ll get me some coffee and sit out in the lounge and enjoy it. So, until next time, keep smiling and remember God loves you!

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  1. BS"D


    I'm very happy that you're sharing your journey with us. I'm a first time guide dog owner since November last year who lives in Sweden. I wish you and Daisy good luck!

    Nadja and Hera


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