Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm supposed to be doing laundry, but...

I'd much rather be writing! LOL Anyway, can't write much today, because the laundry is truly waiting, and if I don't get it done, well the hubby will complain about having no clean clothes to ware to work. Never has happened, before, no never! Y'all don't believe me, do ye? Well, you can believe whatever ye want 'bout it, but I'm not telling if it's true or not. :)

Anyway, I have good news! I'm getting a children's book published. I don't know how long before it's available, but promise to keep you updated. It's called "GOLD! A Tall Tale" and it's about a couple of silly families taking a trip to California looking for gold. The way the folks in the story talk, it makes them sound like hicks, but oh well. Just makes it funnier.

Also, I will be doing a reprinting of "Wild Heart". It may come out the same time as the children's book. It will be a revised edition, a second printing and should cost about half of what the book costs right now. See, Publish America raised their prices, and I know as well as anyone that $24.95 plus $3.99 for shipping is just too much for my little book no matter how good it is. So, keep checking back for more info about it.

I am also trying to find a way to get both books on audio, but the price is a bit up there, so am trying to think of a way to do it. Might have to pass the collection plate around. Any takers? LOL

Well, the dryer is callin' me name and Terry will be home soon. We have supper to eat and church to go to tonight. I'm thinking of eating out, but shh, that's a secret. What's that? I already did that this week? Ahh, well now ye wasn't sposed to tell everybody. Ok, ok, my secret's out. Anyway, I do need to hurry and go, but before I do, lemme say this:

I've been working on the sequel to Wild Heart, and lemme tell ye, writing a scene where a doctor pulls a tooth is much better than being the patient! Fshew, am I glad i'm not my character! So, do I have you wondering? Good!

Y'all take care and thanks for reading my blog. Hmm, maybe belgin woffles for din... Sorry, thought I had stopped blogging, but guess I was still writing when I thought that. :D

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