Monday, June 15, 2009

The Book Signing

I'm of two minds about the book signing this passed weekend. In one way, I don't want to write about it, and in another, I do. I did better than last time, so that is possitive. I sold one book, which, of course is better than none, but I'm a little disappointed. It seems as if I went to all that work for nothing. I know it wasn't nothing, but it seems that way.
I got up around eight that morning and began getting ready. I had crocheted some dishcloths to give away if someone bought a book, so I packed those up. I was feeling bad that I had only had time to make five of them, but turns out I didn't need more than one, anyway. So, I got the girls ready, had my husband to copy a couple more CDs for me, and we went to my friend's to borrow a table to set the books and things on. Before we got fully set up, a lady came over and bought a book. I handed her a dishcloth, and was so excited to have sold one before even getting started. I kept telling myself over and over throughout the next two hours that selling one that early was a good sign. But, finally, after those two hours, I told my husband to pack it all up. I wanted to go outside and listen to the singing. My friends who sang even let me sing one of mine while they played. I should have held the microphone closer, but other than that it went well. They knew my song so well, I figure no one knew they had probably never played it before.
And, that's about it. We left, took the table back to my friend's house, stayed for supper, cake and ice cream, which were rather yummy, then left a while later.
I might have sold two books, but when the second lady heard how much it costs, she walked away. Man, I felt so guilty telling her the book costs $24.95!!! I feel so sorry for people and wish I could say, "Here, honey, take it and God bless you." But, I can't. I can sell them cheaper, which I am doing, but at some point, it's going to catch up with me, especially when this batch of books is gone and i have to order more. I keep reminding myself that God has a plan, and He knows what he is doing, but is there something else I can do to get folks to buy my books? Am I missing something here? I mean, I know I'm no Nora Roberts, Karen Kingsbury or John Grisham, but the book is good. What else can I do to make it worth your while to buy one? I had a drawing. I gave away a hand crocheted item, if someone bought one. I even gave some away. Is it just the economy?
Ok, I promised myself I wouldn't be negative, and I won't be. For some reason, God is allowing this book to cost this much, so I have to believe He has someone or lots of someones out there willing to pay for it. I have to believe that no matter how little or much the book is that God's word will go forth and accomplish what He wants it to. So, please pray for me that I won't grow discouraged.

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  1. I like the dish cloths! :) Actually, I ended up giving one to each girl for their hope chests. I reckon Ron's going to be making Sarah's for Christmas...maybe.


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