Friday, June 26, 2009

Yeah, I Know...It's been a while

Ok, so I know it's been a lil while since I've blogged. Don't have a real good excuse, except that I've been searching out some things on the internet. Got a story in mind I started writing, nothing to do with "Wild Heart" or it's sequel. Anyway, the main character was a pilot in the Air Force, but is injured over seas. So, as you probably already know, I knownothing about being a pilot nor being in the Air Force, so I had to look it up. Thank goodness for google! Well, the injury my character ends up with is a spinal cord injury. Now, i know a little about spinal cord injuries, mostly because I have had a few friends who are paralyzed, but I don't know enough. So, I googled again. I wanted to find real life stories by folks who have spinal cord injuries, and after a week of searching, I found some. Anyway, i have 16 pages so far, and I think it sounds good, but not sure. Would y'all like me to post some snippets on here? If so, lemme know.
I found this one video on YouTube, which features a paraplegic, someone whose level of injury simply means he or she still retains the use of their arms. The man is transfering from his wheelchair to his car, which has been adapted with hand controls, so he doesn't need his feet to drive. I was listening to him explain how he transfers and how the vehicle's controls work, and I found myself thinking, "Lucky man; at least he has his sight." Sometimes, on rare occasions such as that, I kind of wish I had been given the opportunity to choose my disability, because if I could have, I think i might have chosen to be sighted. Now, don't get me wrong, hearing is very important to me, and I wouldn't want to be deaf, but at least a deaf person can drive. I also value the use of my legs, but at least a paraplegic, like the man in the video can drive. Some people who are quadriplegic, those who have paralysis in both legs and usually both arms, can drive, some. Of course, the person who is paralyzed is probably reading this and saying, "Yeah, Shannon, but at least you can feed yourself. At least, you can go to the bathroom whenever you want. At least, you can walk on your own two legs!" So, maybe it's a blessing that we are not given the chance to choose. God, in His wisdom does know better.
I went to bed a couple of hours ago, fully intending to get some sleep, but tea with cafene in it tends to keep me awake, so I got up a while ago, came in here and started playing on the internet. There was a carton of Ressey Pieces here on my desk, and I'm sorry to say that while downloading an audio book, I ate them all. I held them in my mouth, chewing away and could just feel the sugar happily running around headed for my bloodstream. "YIPPY!" my body was saying. "SUGAR!" Now, however, I'm thirsty as all get out. :D
See, I knew I couldn't blog without talking about food. lol Well, think I'll go get a drink of water and see if this audio book is any good. Y'all keep us in your prayers; Terry's hurting a lot, and I'm struggling with something. Don't want to go in to it, just save it to say, I have an unspoken prayer request. God bless you all, and so glad you enjoy my blog.

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