Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks for the Advice

Wow, what responses I'm getting. :) Let's me know someone really is reading this blog. Thanks, y'all for all the wonderful advice. Yes, getting away from Publish America has been one of my good ideas; I just wish I had known, when searching out a publisher for 'Wild Heart". But, we all have to live and learn. Right? So, I self published my children's book, "Gold! A Tall Tale", and while i found the company very accommodating, friendly, and wonderful to work with, I honestly don't want to put another pile of money in to it. Yes, I think my book I just finished is worth it, but I don't have hundreds of dollars just lying around waiting to be spent. :) Like i said, though, AG Press was heavenly, especially after dealing with PA. If someone is going to self publish, I would reccomend them any day. They were and still are willing to talk with me any time I call, and if they don't get to the phone, they have always called me back. However, I'll say it again, I don't have the money to pay to publish that way.
So, the other night, while searching for free books to read online, I came across another publisher, Whiskey Creek Press.
They were offering a free book, so I downloaded it. It was an ebook in html format, and guess what? After downloading, I could actually read it on my computer. I was so suprised and delighted. So, I looked over their site, thoroughly, searching out their authors' websites and books. What I found was this: decent books, authors who seem to have experience, paperbacks for $14.99, which isn't $7.99 but is more afordable than Publish America's $19.95 or $24.95, ebooks for $5.99 and cheaper. I looked up the company on Absolute Write and found mostly good. I found the same info on Predators & Editors. I've asked my friends on FaceBook if they've heard anything good or bad about them, and so far I'm still waiting to hear.
I really do appreciate the input about buying books. Whoever you are, i think you speak for many when you say you wouldn't pay anymore for a paperback in a store than $7.99, and if you would, then you would need to read some, first. Due to the fact that I am blind and unable to read print paperbacks, I have accepted the fact that I must pay more and buy audio books, so to me, paying $19.95 is nothing, but this is too much, if you are buying a printed book.  Now, would I pay $5.99 to purchase an ebook? Yes i would. In fact, I found a book published by Whiskey Creek Press that I'm considering purchasing today.
Since I have your attention, let me ask something else. is having a contest in 2010. It's their BreakThrough novel Award. The winner gets to publish their book with Penguin Group and wins $15,000. I have thought about submitting my book as an entry. While it is the sequel to "Wild Heart", I really think it could stand alone. Hopefully, I wrote it as a stand alone book that just happens to have characters from "Wild Heart" in it. What do you think?
Speaking of main stream publishers, I have searched the internet for a literary agent. I do hope there are services out there to show a person how to write cover letters, marketing plans and how to write a 300 to 500 word summary of the books, because that is what they want, and I don't know how to do that.
Well, to sum up this post, thanks again for reading, and many thanks for your comments. Would y'all like an excerpt of "Wild Heart" posted here? Would that entice you to want a copy? How about a give away just in time for Valentine's Day?
Well, until next time, y'all keep safe, keep warm and keep the faith. Remember, another author interview is coming up this Friday, Jan. 1. This time, Alsondrina Learner is the featured author. Hope y'all will come back, then.

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  1. Hi Shannon,

    IIRC Whiskey Creek Press is solid, but you know by now to do the research no matter what people might say about a publisher. :)

    If the sequel to your first book can stand alone, without readers needing the first book at all, then you have many more options with it. You can try commercial publishers or enter it in contests - check the contest guidelines and rules first, though, because not all contests are writer-favorable.

    Regarding literary agents, the vast majority of them don't need a marketing plan from you. That's something the publisher takes care of (writers do promotion, but it's not the same thing). If you need information on how to write query letters, you might want to check the blogs of literary agents, such as this one:

    Lots of great examples of what works and what doesn't work. I've got about twenty others on my blog, so if Query Shark doesn't work for you, there are others. :)

    Best of luck!


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