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Author Fridays Presents...Alessandrina Lerner!

Welcome to the first edition of Author Fridays in 2010!  I encourage you to sit back, get comfortable and read about this week's featured author, Alessandrina Lerner!


Alessandrina Lerner is a new author.  Her first book is entitled, "The Essence Of Love", and it is published by Publish America.


"The Essence Of Love", Lerner says, "is my very first publication. However, this is not my first literary work and I have a lot of unfinished material in the pipeline right now, so you can expect to see some new

titles from me in the very near future.

I expect to have my first novel ready just in time for Christmas.  Following that

initial milestone, I'd like to publish a Yoga Manual and a Children's book, both

of which were written last year and need minimal editing.  After that, I have a few

other novels a movie script, and a collection of poems that need a little more work

but which could all quickly come to fruition as soon as I'm able to fully dedicate

myself to my writing.  Somehow now that I've published my first book, there's an

eagerness, close to a sense of urgency, to continue this journey I've embarked on,

and keep spreading and sharing my personal message of Love with my future readers."


While most authors are avid readers, Lerner enjoys books for many different reasons.  She reads to learn, as well as to escape in to another world.  When she was young, she says she read children's books and comics.  Then, as she grew older, she read every classic she could get her hands on.  As an adult, studying for her MBA, she turned once more to books as a means of learning.  At present, she says she still craves knowledge, but she seeks something that books can only scratch the surface of.


When asked about her favorite authors, Lerner says she has no favorites, but loves so many that she could not begin to name them all.  However, she says if she had to name a favorite anything, it would be God.  Her favorite hobbies include listening to music, going to the beach and outdoor sports.


"I started writing poetry when I was 8," Alessandrina says.  "I wrote my first short stories when I was

12, and never stopped writing poetry, songs, or novels ever since then.  Somehow,

I just didn't have any idea, I too, could be an Author, and because neither of my

parents were Artistically inclined or even believed that you could make a living

from an Artistic discipline, I just didn't even think I could take a walk on the

wild side. My source of inspiration like I said before is Life itself, God, the Universe, or

whatever you want to label it.  As far as my closest and most palpable inspiration is concerned in the form of an

Artist, my Muse of sorts, that would have to be Lenny Kravitz, a greatly underestimated

Genius of our time, whose virtuosity - in the tradition of true Artists -  spans

across a vast array of different disciplines including Poetry, Music, Songwriting,

Philosophy, Architecture, Cinema, Photography and an intense love for Life.  But my ultimate, most powerful source of inspiration is my little girl, who, day

after day, reminds me of who I truly am, the Inner Child in me who never ceases to

live in the now with all of its unlimited dreams and fantasies.  She has taught me

to love, to live and to be, and for that, I am eternally grateful and indebted to

her.  She gave me back the life I had lost, and the best I can do to honor that gift

is to continuously live at the height of my passion all the time, and in turn provide

her with the happiest possible life every child rightly deserves."


Lerner tells me she feels that she was born to write, and even though there have been times when she was too busy to do so, she literally writes all the time.  And, when it comes to ideas for her writings, she says, "The ideas for my stories mainly arise spontaneously.  Once I start writing, it starts

flowing naturally and my characters end up writing their own story.  I sit back and

just take the transcript down.  Of course, I use my own experience and the wisdom

I've gained through my practice of Yoga and Meditation to convey a message of Love

and Hope as well as provide spiritual guidance to my readers.

I also enjoy adding humorous elements to my stories and using humor, satire and irony

in order to make my writings both more accessible and enjoyable to the readers."


Lerner believes her book to be special, not only because her daughter illustrated it, but because she was careful to choose poems and songs geared to show the essence of love.  She practices meditation and tries in her book to illustrate its importance in her life.


When I asked her if she had any advice for those who wish to become published, she said, "Listen to your heart, and write, not just to be published but because it's your passion,

a passion that enthralls you from head to toe.  Believe in yourself, believe in your

dreams, and follow your heart, always and no matter what.  If it's still beating

and you're still smiling, it's got to be right!!!"


To learn more about Alessandrina Lerner and her book, visit her at

(CAUTION: Clicking on this link will take you to a site in which the contents may not be of a Christian nature.)


Thank you for joining me for another edition of Author Fridays!  Be sure to come back next week, same time, same place to read about our next featured author, children's author and illustrator, MJ Daley-Prado!

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