Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Message From Yours Truly and Some Links You Might Want To Check Out

Wow! It's Thursday already. On Monday, I promised myself I would blog three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but as you can see for yourselves, Wednesday came and went and no entry from me. My excuse? I guess writing on a new book, homeschooling my three-year-old and six-year-old, and household chores just got the best of me. :) But, I am blogging this morning. Can't chat long; school starts soon, and I still have to print out coloring sheets to go with our Bible lesson, print out tracing worksheets for my youngest to work on while the eldest does her math, yatta yatta yatta. And, yeah, I know, I should have been prepared before I went to bed last night, but after our supper of WV hot dogs, all I seemed to have time for was a cup of half caff coffee, straightening up a mess and putting the girlies to bed. Oh, yeah, and I had to make time for the man of the place. Did y'all like that phrase, "the man of the place"? I stole it from Laura Ingalls Wilder, actually. In one of the books written about the girl from "Little House on the Prairie", there are some articles she wrote for local publications. In them, she refers to her husband as "the man of the place". I kind of like it, but then again, I'm strange. :)

So, since I have a full day ahead of me and still haven't had anything sweet to eat, let me share with y'all a few links.

Do you like stories about mail order brides? I'm actually working on one now, and in my search for info on the net, I came across this

One of the blogs I follow is that of Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner of WordServe Literary. In one of her posts, she mentions an online readers' club called, "She Reads." It's a division of Proverbs 31 Ministries. They discuss twelve books a year, so if you like to read any type of Christian Fiction and want to connect with other like-minded women, go check it out at

If you are a writer and want to follow Rachelle's blog, here's the link.

Another blog I follow is
If you are a writer of Christian Fiction, go check it out. If you love Susan May Warren's books, go check it out. :)

As always, if you love me, my books, and everything you can think of about me, ;) you are more than welcome to check out my website

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What person or persons inspire you on your journey?

Until next time, keep on keepin' on. Let's help each other make it home. Remember that song?

"It'll be worth it after all, child. It'll be worth it after all. After all of these trials, we'll hear Jesus call. It'll be worth it after all, child. It'll be worth it after all. After all of this climbing, it'll be worth it after all." The Spensers

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