Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally Friday

If you've been following this blog, you will remember Monday's post that dealt with how to begin the work week. I guess we were programed to look forward to Fridays; it's the end of the school week, and we had two full days ahead of us with nothing to do. At an early age we were taught what TGIF means, and I can remember I wasn't the only kid going around school, chanting "TGIF, thank goodness it's Friday!"

Then, I entered Junior High and those two full days of laziness were filled with homework, but still we all looked forward to Fridays. In High School, what time I wasn't doing homework, I remember sleeping the weekend away. :) After graduation, I went to college, and I still thought Fridays were the best thing since spread peanut butter. So, after a semester and a half of college, I met the man of the place, got married and for some crazy reason, still looked forward to Fridays. Now I homeschool, today is Friday, and I find myself glad of it. I heard somewhere that students in France go to school on Saturdays. When I first heard this, I remember thinking, "Those poor kids!"

Anyway, it is Friday, the end of my husband's work week, the end of the school week for the girls and I, and apparently the girls feel my anxiousness to be done with work for the day; the are fighting and very reluctant to get started. I don't have a lot planned for the day, but we need to get on the ball, or we won't get anything done.

As for me...well, I hate to admit it, but I found a book online that sounded good. I downloaded it and listened to about five minutes of it so far. I want to read on, guest it; there's work to be done.

So, here's where putting God's instruction and others' needs above my own, come in to practice. God has called me to teach my children. If He hadn't, they would be in public school, and I'd be sitting back, enjoying a good book with no interruptions until two PM. Also, the girls need me. No one said I couldn't read all day. The Bible does not have a commandment that says, "Thou shalt not listen to thine audio book during school time." lol But, here's what the Bible does say...and it applies to many things in life: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Now, I didn't check to make sure all the punctuation was correct, but that's what the King James version says in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33.

Now, to put that verse in action. If I put my girls' needs and God's will above my own, I will get off this computer, put the book down, turn off the TV's and teach them. If I teach them about God's love, about His creation, how to read, write and..."do figgers" like this one old lady I knew called it... then God will give me time for me. In other words, when my work for today is over, I can get back to the book.

How about y'all? Any thoughts on this subject? Is there something God is calling you to do that is a struggle for you? Do you have a hard time putting God's will before your own?

Let me leave you with just a thought. The devil is a roaring lion, the Bible says, seeking whom he may devour. he is the enemy, no doubt about it. His job is to steal, kill and destroy, but there is another enemy that just might be harder to defeat. That enemy, is self. Many, many times throughout the day when things get hard, I find myself saying, "But, Lord, I want... "But, Lord, I don't like..." "But, Lord, I..."

See what i mean?

Hope y'all have a happy, enjoyable and short Friday! Pray for me, cause now I'm gonna go practice what I preach. :)

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