Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Packing A Spiritual Bag

A week before my surgery, I had to go to the hospital for some pre op testing. At the end of the visit, I asked the nurse if I should bring anything on the day of the surgery, like paperwork. She said that the only things I needed to bring, were the things I wanted to have with me during my hospital stay, like slippers, robe, tooth paste and tooth brush...stuff like that.

So, the night before the surgery, I packed a bag with the few items I thought I might want. I packed a tooth brush, some tooth paste, a comb, some deodorant, the charger for my phone, my mp3 player and earbuds and some extra socks and under things. As it turned out, I didn't use the mp3 player or earbuds, but most of the other stuff got used. But, that bag of stuff got me to thinking.

What if we had to pack a spiritual bag to take to the hospital? If we did, what would we put in it? Ever thought of that before? Well, let's think about it. Hospitals are not the funnest places to be, but we've all had to be there or will be there at some point in our lives. So, if we are packing a spiritual bag, here is what I thought might go in it.

1. a huge package of patience, 'cause there's lots of others at a hospital in more need of help than me
2. a big package of humility, 'cause after all, I'm there because I am the one in need of help
3. a satchel of thanksgiving, 'cause everyone needs to hear "thank you" every now and then
4. a bag of smiles, 'cause when you smile, it makes everyone else wan to smile, too
5. a container of friendliness, 'cause no one needs a friend like the night nurse who empties your cath bag. lol
6. a box of forgiveness, "cause even professionals make mistakes
and last but not least,
7. a heapin' helpin' of Christ-like charity, 'cause after all, isn't witnessing the point?

How about you? What would you pack in your spiritual bag? Would you add to this list? Take away from it?

BTW, I'm home from the hospital and doing all right. Tired and sore, but promised y'all a blog post, so here ya go. Be sure and come back Friday! I'll be featuring a new author, Peggy Hoy and her first book, "Classified"!

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