Monday, October 3, 2011

Make Believe...No Matter How You Look At It

It's October, but it feels like November. Am I the only one who thinks that? :) Of course, if you do not live in WV, then you might not agree. I heard a couple of days ago that it was in the 90's in Arizona. Yikes! I'm not moving there. lol Of course, there's probably a place in Maine or Montana with temps colder than the 50's, too. But, around here, in the Kanawha valley it feels like late fall. I keep wanting to talk about what's for dinner on Thanksgiving. I keep thinking about buying a thermos so my coffee will not get cold so fast. I'm wishing there was a regular heater in my bathroom. In other words, my body thinks it's curling up time. :)

speaking of curling up, yesterday morning, around 6:20 AM, I was getting ready to pour some coffee, when my three-year-old gets up and wants to watch TV. Everyone else was asleep, of course, but I turned the TV down and let her watch, anyway.

"Pease, Mommy, watch TV wiff me!"

Who could resist? Not me. :) So, I brought my coffee in to the living room and went to get my MacBook. I sat down beside her and wrote on my book while she sat beside me, wrapped up in her Dora blanket watching Kai-Lan. For a time, it was quiet; I was back East somewhere in Virginia a year or so after the end of the Civil War and Kierstin was watching Kai-Lan and her friends play. Then, I hear through the writer's fog, "Mommy, here's my ballerina. You pay wiff me."

Ha! No more writing for me. lol I put the MacBook away and played barbies. Our dolls had a sleep over, they went to the movies and all their friends came over to play. We had barbies, Dora, Swiper, a couple of ballerinas, Rapunzal. Needless to say, the couch was full. :)

What a joy it is to see my children's imaginations develop. Honestly, even though it's hard to concentrate on my story and her make-believe, I think it is what keeps me writing.

How about you? What keeps you writers writing? What feeds your creative side?

One more question. How in the world do you spell the name of that character with hair long enough to hang from a tower and touch the ground? lol :D

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