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Author Fridays Presents...Cheryl Zemke!

Welcome to another edition of Author Fridays! Sit back, get comfortable and
read about this week's featured author, Cheryl Zemke.

Cheryl L. Zemke is the author of "Defenders of Naturion" published by
Publish America.
Zemke, a first time author holds a B.S.B.A and Associate degree in
merchandising, and owns her own business, CZ Creations Custom Sewing and
Alterations. She is married with a teenaged son.

"I am and probably always will be an artist, first," she says. I love books
with innovative and unique characters. So, the pictures have always meant
more to me than words." When asked about her hobbies, she replies,
"Drawing, camping, scrapbooking and having a great time watching my son grow
up. I do not have a favorite author, but as I learn about being an author
myself, I am growing to respect the classic children's book authors like Dr.
Seuss. Authors like him take Something very simple and make it yet so
creative, that everyone can enjoy reading. I have enjoyed reading books
like Spiderwick with my son. The artwork is amazing
And so is the imaginative story."

Zemke says she has never considered being an author before, however, she has
considered doing artwork for someone else's book. What inspired her to
write her story were some sketches that she and her son worked on, while
camping. The story developed from there," she says, "but it was my son and
his cousin who had confidence in me to tell the story in writing. They kept
me motivated to complete the book."

A woman who cannot resist putting a creative edge to everything, Cheryl
Zemke is inspired by nature and everyday life, both past and present.. She
feels that she is different from most authors in that she did not grow up
writing or even wanting to write. "This book was an inspiration from God
through what I love to do; draw and create." Cheryl wants to tell a good,
moral story that children will find adventurous, that parents will not have
to worry about the content therein, and one without all the blood and guts
that alot of fantasy stories have.

So, what will you get out of reading "Defenders of Naturion"? Cheryl says
she hopes that readers will connect with the characters. She tells me she
attempted to make each of them with some special, God-given natural ability
and also as realistic as possible. They do Not have the perfect DAD+MOM+2
kid and dog families. They have problems with their Peers at school and
things that they are not good at, as well.

God gives each of us an unbelievable talent of some sort," Zemke believes,
"and it is up to us to discover it and do things to praise His name! To any
aspiring author, she says, "Write as much as you can and never give up on
your dreams."

When I asked Cheryl if there was anything more that she wanted to share, she
informed me that all the artwork in "Defenders of Naturion" was created by
none of than herself, including the cover and its design, and 15 pages of
characters scattered inside the book. More characters can be seen on her

From her website, you can purchase a copy of her book and learn more about
it. There is a popular page called "the Fairy Realm" which features a new
fairy to vote on each week. Her site has been viewed by people in forty-five
of the fifty states and numerous places around the world, so stop by and
check out the characters from Naturion. There is a new character featured on
"Inside the story" page each month.

As a published author myself, it seems that once you've held your book in
your hand, you yurn to publish again, and again, and this seems to be true
with Cheryl Zemke. She is currently working on three more books: a sequel
to "Defenders of Naturion" titled "Color of the Jewel";
A picture book for young children ages zero to six years entitled "The
Adventures of Freddy and Teddy Book #1- Where's Teddy?"; and a book for ages
six to eight, entitled, "The Magical Dream Belt".

"I would like to thank Shannon for interviewing with me and taking this time
to help promote a story that means so much to me."

"No problem, Cheryl. It has been a pleasure."

To learn more about Cheryl L. Zemke, go to her website

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