Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Procrastinate? Me?

Yip! You heard it here, folks! I procrastinate so badly that my dad has been
quoted as saying, "You put more effort into thinking how to get out of doing
something, than it would take to just do it." AHEM, he's kind-a right...All
right, so on to other things.

As far as how we're doing, well, Kierstin, the 20-month-old got up this
morning around 3, turned on the TV, but instead of watching it, she came and
got in bed with my husband and me. I thought it was almost time to get up,
so I didn't think anything about it. However, when hubby gets up and turns
off the TV, and Kierstin got mad and cried, I checked my watch and sure
enough, it was just 3AM. It was funny how mad she got, cause he turned it
off, though. Anyway, so I put her back to bed, but as usual, I couldn't go
back to sleep. So, for the third morning in a row, I got up way earlier than
even the birds and played on the computer. I tried to write some, but this
crazy laptop of mine kept shutting down on me. Oh, y'all don't ever buy a
Toshiba! As soon as I have the money, i'm replacing it. I miss my old Compaq
I had; that wonderful laptop lasted 5 years straight before needing anything
done to it.

I tell you, it's so muggy outside that I've been running the AC to keep it
comfortable in here. However, I think I'd better go turn it off for a bit;
the babies get cold, sometimes. They are playing in their room right now, I
think, but still... If I'm getting chilly, then you know the babies are
probably freezing. Mean ole mommy, me.

Just FYI, my publisher tells me we should get an ISBN for my new book, some
time this week. Come to find out, it's more of a juvenile fiction, than a
children's book, and soon, when I have a release date and all, I'll put a
picture of the cover on here and give y'all more info about it. But, if you
want to save a buck or 2, you can preorder a copy from
and save a couple of dollars. The first 50 people who preorder get it
without paying shipping and handling.

As for "Wild Heart" I should get the CDs of the audiobook any minute now. I
tell y'all it's so good...the reading, I mean. There's mistakes in the book,
my mistakes and big ones, but the reading is really good. You are in for a
treat, if I do say so myself. I listened to the MP3s over the weekend and
I'm amazed! I mean, W.B. Ward made the book come alive in a way i did not
expect. He gave emotions to the story that I didn't know were there, and he
made it sound as if someone famous had wrote the book. It inspired me to
write on the sequel, too, which I know will make some of you very happy.
But, I will caution you, don't get too excited about a sequel. I am writing
it, but remember, it took 15 years to write "Wild Heart", so don't get in a
hurry. Now, I know it isn't going to take no 15 years...I'm already up to
181 pages, but it will take a few months. What I do have so far is good, but
I digress. I was talking about the audio version of "Wild Heart". Ok, so
it's going to be 6 CDs and it's going to cost $20. If you're interested,
email me at
Put "Wild Heart audiobook" in the subject and I'll get back with you as soon
as I can. If you're not sure and want to read more about the book, go see
the trailer for it at
If that link doesn't work, go to YouTube and in the search box type in "Wild
Heart movie 3".

Well, now I'm starting to actually get cold, and I hear the washer getting
ready to spin the final time, and I'm getting hungry and... Catch y'all
another time, and don't forget to come back soon for my featured author this
Friday. It's going to be good.

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