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Author Fridays Presents...Christian Writer, Brenda Pearce!

Welcome to another edition of Author Fridays! Sit back, get comfortable and read about this week's featured author, Brenda Pearce!


Brenda Pearce is a first time author who never thought of herself as a writer until the Lord lead her to write her book, "Deliverance from Darkness into the Light", published by Publish America.


Currently a third grade public school teacher, Pearce has been teaching for ten years. She has Rthree children, two step-children and a total of ten grandchildren. She is also the Children's Church Director at the Atkins Freewill Baptist Church in Atkins, Arkansas. "I guess to say my favorite hobby would be to travel and just see the amazing things that God has created," she says. "For so many years I had spent my life just going through the motions of life I never really realized just how much of the real life I had missed until I found the Lord Jesus Christ. I do enjoy reading very much. My favorite book is the Bible and I don't just say that to say it. When I read the Bible I truly feel the presence of God and the words really do come to life and speak to me. There are so many wonderful lessons and truths of life in the word of God. I do also enjoy reading children's stories one of my favorite children's authors is Jan Brett. I love the illustrations and stories. I also love Eric Carl books as well.  I enjoy reading the Bible and learning daily about the Lord. However, I enjoy speaking about and writing about my wonderful and amazing experiences and walk with the Lord as well."


"Well to be honest," she said in response to when she first knew she wanted to be a writer, "I never liked to write even when I was in school. During the time I began writing my book I was attending Arkansas Tech University. I had gone back to school to get my Masters degree for educational leadership to become an elementary principal. I had no intention to ever write a book. Now before this time the Lord had been dealing with me for the previous two years to write and I just blew it off. Nevertheless, He kept dealing with me to write about the trials and situations of my life. Finally one night about 10:00pm while sitting in my little living room, in my run-down apartment, the Lord began to really deal with me about writing this book. Now, I had a paper due the next day for my class and I wasn't even half way finished. I just stopped what I was doing, told the Lord He was going to have to help me write this book because I wasn't a writer and I didn't even know how or where to begin. After the first hour I had ten pages of the book finished. I then had my class paper finished by the next hour. That's how it all happened. I just give all praise to the Lord for helping me and guiding me to write this book and I truly pray that it touches those who are in a place in their lives that they feel they have no hope of peace and happiness in their lives. They do if they allow themselves the opportunity to truly know the Lord. It is the greatest experience they will ever have in their life. I know for me God has changed my life and has made me such a different person then I ever thought I could ever be. I never thought I would have the career I have. I never thought I could ever have the kind of wonderful relationship and marriage I have and I never thought I would have the home and family that I have. God is an amazing and loving God and all He wants is to love those who will just believe and come to know Him."


So, where did her ideas come from for writing her story?


"Well the things that I speak about in my book are true incidents in my life. It is a book about how God helped me through so many of my situations in my life. I talk about various situations from molestation to severe abuse and how God gave me strength through so many situations. The book shows how satan tries to make us believe its God allowing the bad things in our life when in fact satan is the one attacking through those who don't have a real relationship with the Lord and its God who gives us the strength and courage to have victory over those situations. The book also shows through my experiences of how God takes what satan meant for bad and turns it into something greater and makes it into something He uses for the betterment of His Kingdom."


Brenda believes her book is special in the way that it speaks of how God is always with us even when we don't think He is. "This book," she says, "shows how satan is a true liar and God is the one who shows us and tells and speaks truth. This book shows, through my experiences, how God's love is greater than satan's attacks and how we all can be an over-comer  through the love and power of God if we just get to know Him.

I pray that readers will come away with the better sense of who God really is and know that it's not God who puts the bad things in our lives it's satan. I pray that people will begin to give God a chance and know that when we truly come to know God, believe on Him and in Him all things in our lives get better. It's just a matter of knowing God and having faith and not believing the lies of satan."


When it comes to advice for those wishing to become published, Pearce says, "Don't give up. Just know that if you truly search your heart and you know that what you're writing is something you should be writing then believe in yourself strong enough to not take no for an answer. There are many famous authors out there who were rejected by many publishing companies yet with persistence and patients they are now doing what they love. So hang in there and believe. It also helps to have God on your side."


So, Brenda, is there anything else that you would like to share with us?


"I would just like to say that I know for some who may read my responses to some of these questions they may think I'm just some Jesus freak that's living in a different dimension. Well I guess you could say that I am a Jesus freak. I'm crazy about the Lord and the reason is if you'd been through what I've been through and then to be delivered from that life of darkness you'd be crazy about the one who rescued you too. I'm just an everyday person who loves the Lord and is so very thankful and grateful to the Lord for everything He has brought me through and the life He has given me. I know that throughout the word of God, He speaks of His love and the fact that He's not come to destroy the world but to save it. He gave His life so that we would have life eternal. I just pray that all come to know the Lord as I know Him. Don't believe the lies that satan wants you to believe just give the Lord a try I promise in the end you won't regret it, but those who choose not to know Him will."


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Thank you for joining me for another edition of Author Fridays!  Come back next week, same time, same place to read about our next featured author, Misty Ware!

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