Friday, January 29, 2010

Author Fridays Presents...Marie Maiden!

Welcome to another edition of Author Fridays! Sit back, relax and read about this week's featured author, Marie Maiden!


Marie Maiden is a first-time author. Her book, "My Hero Is You: A Book of Poems" is published by Publish America.


"I started writing this book to gather all my poems that I wanted to get to a friend of mine who had been there for me," Maiden says in her synopsis. "But, as I gathered them I thought I should write a book of my best poems. My most powerful poem is called "Rape" because it's based on my own rape. Imagine a seven-year-old being raped by someone she thought she could trust. It's one of the deepest ones I have written to date. I am twenty-one years old, yet I've written more than a thousand poems in my life. Rape survivors and victims, don't let that one rape control you. Things will get better soon. I know how you feel. I've been there."


Maiden says this is her first book, however, Two more books might come out next year, if she can get them finished.


When I asked Marie about her favorite hobbies, she said that to name them would be like choosing a favorite star in heaven. She enjoys shopping, singing, skateboarding, swimming, watching TV, talking on the phone, walking, writing, yoga, basketball, baseball, bowling, biking, board games, chatting online, card games, comedy, computers, cooking, dancing, football, graphic design, going to the beach, and much much more.


She says she likes to read as much as she likes to write, mostly because she spent a lot of her growing up years in the hospital, where she did both. Writing has always been her passion, though, and she gets her ideas from just about anything. Mostly, she says it depends on her mood.


One of the questions I like to ask authors, is "What makes your book so special, and what will readers get from reading it? Marie's answer to this, was "I want others to find hope, strength, courage to live again, and pride of who they are and what they have become even when things are dark for them. I want to help others."


When i asked her what advice would she give to an espiring author, she said, "Keep trying, because life will surprise you."


So, Marie, is there anything else you would like to share with us?


"I have broken the silence about my rape. I am not going to hide in the shadows any longer. I am finding my way out! I am not ashamed because of what happen to me. I will not be that someone to pity but someone to look up to as a friend and someone who's been there. I know one day my rapist will pay the price for what he's done. I have spoken out on my rape because I want to help others and maybe save someone from being raped. I know one day I will be at peace with what I've lost. By losing it I gained more then anything a life. My rape taught me to be strong. It also taught me that love of family is more important then anything. Healing for me has been a slow and dangerous road. If it hadn't been for my family and friends I wouldn't have made it this far or be who I've become. I will not let that one act against me break my soul. I will not be another rape victim."


If you are interested in Marie Maiden's book, "My Hero Is You", check it out on her publisher's website at


Thank you for joining me for this edition of Author Fridays! Be sure to come back next week to read about our next featured author, (To Be Announced).

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