Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Season of Sickness

WARNING: This post is not for those with a weak stomach.

Haachoo! Cough-cough! Get out of my way! Hand me another tissue. Where is the fever medicine? Oh, my head!

These are just a sampling of the sounds heard in the Wells' house these last two weeks. So, please forgive for not posting an entry this week before now. First, the 6-year-old had a fever. it lasted about a day, and then it was gone. Then, over the weekend...not this past weekend but the one before, the man of the house had a fever. During that same weekend, the 4-year-old woke up on Saturday morning, throwing up. We were all pretty much better by that Sunday morning, so we went to church. But, that evening, the 4-yer old's nose started to run. That Tuesday, the one when i was supposed to go to the book event, the 4-year-old started throwing up, and that lasted for about 24 hours. She finally got over it, and I thought we were home free. No such luck. :( Around midnight this past Saturday night, the 6-year-old wakes me up, and says she doesn't feel very well. Lemme tell y'all, for the next 8 hours, my poor lil girl had it coming out both ends. Not fun. Needless to say, we missed church again that day. As if that wasn't annoying enough, 2 days ago, I started sneezing. I think it's starting to get better, but I'm not sure. My food has no taste, I can't breathe very well, and I just want to laze around. But, lazing around is out of the question. Dishes need washed, laundry needs done, messes need picked up, sheets need washed and school is in session. :)

On Sunday, after the 6-year-old was sick all night, I washed the dishes in bleach water and washed her sheets. I mentioned doing all this on face book, and I got one of the strangest responses. Someone commented and said something like, Wow, you're wonder woman. I was like, "What? You wouldn't have washed your child's sheets if he or she threw up on them?" If your family had been sick, and you were trying your best to kill the germs, wouldn't you try to get everything washed up? Now, granted, some people argue that bleach isn't the best germ killer, but, folks, that's all I got, and I'm gonna use it!

That day I decided to stay home with my baby instead of going to the book event, I can't tell you how many folks said what a good mommy I was. Come on, y'all! What's up with people anyway? Are they stupid? I mean, who wouldn't stay home with their child when she's throwing up? Now, I know people have to work or they don't get paid. I know my husband could not have taken a day off to stay home with her, but I could. And, doing so, in my opinion, was not an attempt to be heroic. I was just doing what is right. Since when is doing right something strange enough to mention?

I potty trained both my girls, and do you know what other parents' responses were when they found out? They were like, "Wow, I couldn't do that. I sent them to my mom's." Shame on you for that," is what I say.

Ok, I'm climbing off the soap box, now. lol

So, here's some funny things that happened during the bout of sickness we have had.

The morning Kierstin got sick, I'm on my knees with a big towel, trying to wipe it up, and she asks, "What's that?"

I'm like, "What's what, baby?"

"That stuff you're cleaning up?"

"It's throw up," I said. "It's what you just did." hahaha!

During that long night when Faith was sick, she kept telling me what it looked like. lol Now, this can be a blessing. I knew when she threw up the meds and when it was just saliva. But, it was pretty gross.

So, sorry if you were expecting a post about writing, but I haven't been doing much of that, here lately. I wish I had time and the energy to bake, but no luck so far with that, either. After school, I'm just ready to crash.

Speaking of school, I just want to say that things are coming along better than I could imagine. It's hard, sometimes, getting all 3 of us motivated, but I'm having a blast. I love to teach, but I'm glad my class is only big enough for 2 kids. haha! In trying to teach them, I learn so much. For instance, a couple of nights ago, Kierstin prayed that the Lord would help her learn to read. She prayed, "Lord, please help me learn to read, cause I want to read really really bad. Please, Lord!" How can you ignore that? So, we're working hard on recognizing those ABC's.

One more thing, and then I got to go start that wonderful teaching, last night Kierstin said something else in her prayer that I want to share. She said, "Lord, hold this world in your big, warm hand. Hold us tight so we don't get away." Now, I don't know about y'all but I never thought of God's hand being warm. I think about how strong His hands are, and how big and mighty they are, but I never thought of them being warm. I believe children have a closeness with God that we adults can't even begin to imagine.

Well, that's about it for today. If you liked the excerpt on Friday, drop me a comment and let me know. If you liked it, I'll post a little more this Friday. Thanks for reading, and keep us in your prayers.

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