Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Writing Wednesday, but on Thursday, Instead

I have a lot of stuff inside my head that needs to come out. In fact, there's so much, I don't know where to start in writing it down. I've been reading a lot these last few days - too much reading, if the truth be known. That reading has given me the beginnings of a new story idea, one that isn't quite within the genre I usually write. Just so you'll know, I am up to 13,400 and some odd words with "A Place Called Home", and I haven't stopped writing on it. In the real world, I'm missing my mamaw this morning, and I think my girls are coming down with nasty colds. Sigh.

The books I've been reading, well, think medieval, Scottish Lairds, feisty modern women and healthy doses of time travel. As if that wasn't interesting enough, add in the fact that these books are, for the most part rated PG, and there you have it. It leaves me wondering how to also add in a Christian element. Not hard. Already have an idea... Well, I have some characters in mind with a teensy idea. :) How about this? Modern woman named Samantha Kathleen. She enjoys modern luxuries like we all enjoy. You know, running water, furnaces, TV, iPhones, laptops...yatta, yatta, yatta. Been taught all her life, time travel isn't possible. Been told all her life that Christians aren't supposed to imagine such things. Now, think highland laird. We could call him Hamish or Colin or something like that. Maybe, he has a horrendous scar and lots of folks, including himself thinks he's ugly. Thinks he's going to have to find a woman he doesn't want, just to have a wife. But, he wants someone who will love him for himself, not for his money and position. Not real sure about my hero, yet, though. Maybe, he's afraid to love again, because he has lost so many of those he loves: first wife, children, brothers or father. Now, something happens to get modern woman and highland laird together. But, is it fantasy, the time travel stuff, or is it a dream or vision? And, can there ever be a chance for love between Samantha Kathleen and Hamish or Colin or whatever his name is?

Ha! I've just mapped out a story! Deed. Reckon there is something to be said for planning out a story line ahead of writing. Hmm. Who'd have thunk it? What do y'all think of my story idea? Be forewarned, though, anyone who steals my idea will be in danger of Hamish/Colin's dungeon. lol

A year ago today my mamaw was still alive. This coming Monday will make a year since her death. I keep thinking about all the things I'd like to tell her. Then, I start thinking about the things I'm glad she doesn't know about. I keep remembering the day we buried her. It was raining and cold, and yet, I wore the best outfit I had, including hoes and dress shoes. Not for her; I knew she didn't know what I had on, but I dressed up to honor her. When I was a teenager, I sure did get threatened with my papaw's belt, if I didn't go take them pants off and put on my church clothes. :)

But, whether we like it or not, and whether it feels right or not, time has a way of changing us and our surroundings. Nothing ever stays the same, except God and His word. I can write about Mamaw now without crying. I miss her at odd moments, like when my husband bought me a fruitcake for Christmas. I cried and cried, because she wasn't here to share it with. Yeah, I'm weird; I like that stuff. Haha! But, the grief doesn't hurt as bad as it used to. Maybe, I'm dealing.

A line of a song comes to me. It's a song written by one of the men who passed away, recently, and it says, "He gave me a future. He gave me my dreams." That line runs through my head quite often, and i know it to be true. God has given me what I have always dreamed about. God has given me a future, not only in this life but in the life to come. He has given me more than I ever asked Him for, and I have no plans on giving up, now.

Sometimes, the way gets a little dark, but that's when I remember He's there. So, I just grab Him by the hand and ask Him to lead me on. Sometimes, I get aggravated at things I can't change. But, that's when I step back, ask Him which way to go to get around the obstacle, grab His hand again and trust Him to lead me on.

I can hear y'all now. "So," you ask, "what about when the path is smooth?"

Are you kidding me? Smooth? Uh, I don't know about y'all, but usually whenever the path ahead is real smooth, I fall flat on my rear. Smooth? Nah, I think I'll stick with a bit of a bumpier way. Less chance of falling, that way.

I have no idea what y'all will get out of this post. It's too early for me to put together a coherent thought, much less try to make sense. But, there you have it. Happy Thursday!

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