Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blind Woman in the Kitchen!

With thoughts of a big pan of yummy lasagna for supper, I had my dear hubby to get the blocks of mozzarella and chedar cheese out of the freezer before he left for work. I had a package of fully cooked frozen hamburger in the freezer, along with some frozen spaghetti sauce left over from another time. So, I laid these out alongside the cheese in my drainer to thaw. About four hours later, a few minutes ago, actually, I go in there and drag out the crock pot. I mean, spaghetti sauce tastes better when cooked slowly all day, right? Well, I opened the package of fully cooked hamburger and dropped it in to the crock, which I had already turned on high to get it hot. Then, I grabbed the other package and thought to myself while cutting it open, "Hmm, this sauce is pretty thick. I might have to thin it down a bit."

But, I squeezed it out of the package and in to the crock on to the fully cooked burger. Only then, did I realize it wasn't sauce at all, but uncooked hamburger. Now, what was I supposed to do!

I fussed about it for a few minutes, then went and got a big spoon. I broke it all up as best I could and cut up some onions. Then, I put the lid on and now I'm waiting. I could have put it in a skillet and fried it, I guess, but seeing no reason to dirty up another big pot that will just need washing, I decided to just see what happens. Maybe, since crock pots cook so slowly, the mistake won't be noticable.

So, after I did all that, I went looking in the freezer for the frozen sauce. I finally found it and laid it out to thaw. What's aggravating is that I can't even hurry it along with my microwave, cause silly me didn't put a braille label on there for defrost. Maybe, I'll put it in some warm water.

Sheesh, I've done some goofy things in the kitchen, and that's not even the worst, but still. Now, I've got about 2 or more pounds of burger in the crock pot and enough sauce for maybe half. I got a little can of tomato paste, so maybe if I mix it... What y'all think? Anyway, I reckon we'll see.

Like I said, this isn't the worst thing I've ever done. Once, I made this yummy chicken stuff...ok it would have been yummy if I hadn't gotten the boyon cubes mixed up and put beef boyon in it instead of chicken. Then, there was the time I put ice water from a jug on my cereal, not realizing until i tasted it that it wasn't milk. Then, there was the time I was making a thickening for my beef stew that called for water and corn starch, but I got the corn starch mixed up with the pancake mix. Tasted better than ever, though. So, as you can tell, being in the kitchen with a blind person can get interesting. Once, I made this stew stuff that wasn't any good, but my dog liked it. That was funny. Anyway, I better shut up before you get totally grossed out and never eat my cooking. :)


  1. oh'll have to let me know how this turned out!

  2. and anyhow... your rolls are to DIE for!


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