Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Dreamed About Rats!

Oh, my, y'all, it was awful, too! I dreamed that everyone in the Kanawha valley was infested with rats! It was on the news, and everything; everyone had rats. I was so worried, thinking they would get in my babies' bed and bite them.

"Terry!" I kept saying, "Terry, those rats are going to bite my babies!"

Terry, in the dream didn't seem too worried about them, and I couldn't figure out why.

Then, some friends from church came over, and I was getting in their van, which they had parked in front of the house in my dream. One lady from church, she's 95, well, she was there and she found the rat. I'm not kidding, that old lady held that rat up on her shoulder like a baby and kept saying, "Oh, the poor little thing."

She kept trying to show it to me, and I was backing away, thinking "You're crazy, lady!"

Then, I dreamed I got in my mom's car and she let me use her cell phone to call someone, but now I don't remember who.

Fshew! Was I ever so glad when I woke up that it was only a dream! lol

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