Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Book Signings, Radio Interviews, And Anything Else In Between

Deed, y'all that was a long title, but I didn't know what to call this post. I know it doesn't really matter, but I usually worry about things that don't matter, so have to stick with tradition.

Now, about my book signing on Saturday, May 2. I got up early, hopped online and announced it all over MySpace. I grabbed a bite to eat, got ready and when my friend came to pick me up, we left. We made sure to get to the Community Center early enough to get the table set up, and it did look really nice. My friend had brought a nice quilt to cover the table, and she arranged my books, cds, bookmarks and such. We sat down and started chatting, knowing we had a bit of time before anyone came. Well, we sat and talked and laughed, smelling them hot dogs all the while. We waited, and we waited, and... Well, one person came over and asked about the books, but I don't think she came back. Someone came over to talk to my friend, but didn't buy anything. Then, I asked my friend to pass out my bookmarks. I hoped that if someone got something for free, they might at least come over and ask. But, nothing happened. So, figuring I could let my singing speak for itself, I asked my friend to take my cd over to the sound man and ask if he would play it. He did, but still no one came over. Well, a couple of hours had gone by and now my friend had to leave, so we packed it all up, and I went to sit with my husband and girls to eat. The man who played my cd brought it back to me, and the lady across the table asked how much I wanted for it. I told her, and she bought it. So, it wasn't a total flop; I did sell one cd. I also gave the lady my business card. We'll see if anything comes out of that.

Later that day, I received a message from MySpace; a friend wrote to congratulate me on the book signing. I told her that the drawing for a book or cd was over, and she said she didn't even know about it, but that she wanted a book, just the same. Guess that tells me how much folks really pay attention to that stuff on MySpace. Anyway, I try.

As for that drawing, I want to congratulate Misty Prevatt and Chris Jackson for winning a book and a cd. I gave Misty the book an signed both the book and cd. I'm praying they are a witness.

Ok, so now the radio interview. I was on blog talk radio last night, being interviewed by the owner of Poetic Monthly Magazine, the magazine I write for. It went pretty well, and later, I downloaded my own copy, so. I'm going to try to post it below, so you can listen if you like, but can't promise that it'll work. If it does, the show lasts about 30 minutes, just to warn you.

Well, I guess I can't end a blog, or shouldn't end one without saying something about food, so here goes. I wasn't doing bad on a diet, when dear hubby asks, "You still on a diet?"

"Yes," I answered. "Why?"

"Cause I have a peanut butter pie for you," he replied.

"Oh, if it's good, I can stop dieting for a while."

Well, dear hubby came home, we ate dinner, and then I opened the pie to taste. Want to know the end results? I'm not dieting right now. Can't let that pie go to waste. Would be a shame!

Ok, so I don't know how to put the show in here, but you can go to the site and listen for yourself. Here's the web address

Y'all have a good one. Till next time, eat something yummy and remember to pray.

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