Friday, May 29, 2009


Did I promise to tell you how the lasagna turned out? I honestly don't remember. But, I'm willing to tell about it, and I reckon I'll tell you how the rest of the evening went, even though it makes me tired to tell it.
So I let the meat cook with the onions, while running hot water over the frozen spaghetti sauce. When the hamburger was done, I added the sauce, plus a small can of tomato paste, lots of salt, some pepper and a ton of garlic powder. Then, I just let it simmer. When Terry was just coming in the door, I put the noodles on to cook, and it ended up that he finished the cooking, while I fed the girls. I had already grated the mozzarella and chedar, so all that was needed was to put it together and bake it. It didn't taste too bad, but you could tell the meat was over cooked. Not bad, but not the best I've ever done.
Ok, so just as Terry was dishing it up, Faith trips over something in the living room and skins her chin on the floor. It bled pretty bad and we had to clean her up...I mean Terry cleaned her up...and put a bandade on her chin. She cried and cried and finally, we gave her some candy to calm her down. Then, we ate the lasagna.
After he was finished, Terry left to go down to the AT&T store to see about getting his phone fixed. I had just started to wash out the crock pot, when Kierstin starts crying.
"She's stuck," Faith told me.
Sighing, I went over to see how bad it was, and let me tell you it was bad. We have a little plastic rocking chair and she had fallen feet first in to one of the wholes in it. Only her head and arms were sticking up, and by now she was crying like a banshee. Screaming and fighting me. I managed to get her arms down, but her head wouldn't fit through. I got her head turned to the side, but couldn't figure out a way to push her head through without hurting her. So, I got my mom's boyfriend to come and help, all the while Faith is sitting on the table above my head, getting my hair in her sucker. Well, boyfriend tried oiling Kierssy up to slide her through, but it wasn't working. Finally, after I had done prayed and begged God for a better idea, boyfriend manages to get her arms up through the whole and pulls her up and out, back the way she'd come. I tell y'all she looked like an annointing gone wrong, she was so oily!
So, I ran some bath water and got her cleaned up. Gave Faith a bath too, but had to deal with the bleeding chin again. When Terry came home we finally found the antibiotic medicine and been putting it on her ever since.
So, now you know how my day went. And, I almost forgot to mention, managed to write 5 more pages on the sequel. Wow! Ain't I good?
Now, all y'all sing along with me. Ready? 1 2 3 and
"Oh Lord it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way!..."
Hahaha! Y'all like that?

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  1. An annointing gone wrong!!! I LOVE IT! Poor Kierssy!


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