Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday

The title seems to say it all, but since you, my faithful readers are expecting an entry today, I figure I'd better produce. I was going to continue the Music Mondays, and I will still write occasionally about my music, but how about I just keep it random? I do my best writing that way, I think. I am still keeping the Writing Wednesdays, though, and this Wednesday I will go in to detail about my newest book, which, BTW is now available for sale on
It's called, "To Tame A Heart" and it's the next book in the Wild Heart series. So, if you have read Wild Heart, and you are wanting to know what happens next, go check it out.

Since I will save all the details for Wednesday, today I'll write about other things.

Here's a question for you. Why am I in the mood to write on a day like today? It's not a bad thing to be in the mood to write, but I feel guilty concentrating on a story, when the dishes are piled up and the laundry is in desperate need of washing. Not only that, but I want to straighten up my house and try to make room to move my grandmother's sewing machine in here. So, the reason I can't write today, is because I won't allow myself the luxury until at least some of the house work is finished. Also on the agenda is a thorough bleaching of my shower curtain, which according to the man of the house, has begun to host another life form, one that is not friendly to the environment. So, how can I relax when that is going on in my bathroom? Answer? I can't. And, what about home school? You know, that calling I feel God has placed on my life? I would like to tell myself that allowing the kindergartener to watch PBS programming is good enough for this rainy Monday, but somehow I can't convince myself.

Did I mention it's raining? Seems it's been raining since Friday, even though I know this is not true. We had an awesome thunder storm earlier this morning, and a small thunder storm last night. Here's something else odd for the last day of February; last night I heard spring peepers. Yes, you heard me right. The frogs are already out! It's usually April or at the earliest, late March when you hear them around here, but I heard them last night. Is spring here? Man, I hope so.

Speaking of rain, my grandmother was buried Friday after noon. It started raining that morning, and the wind was blowing colder by the moment. I remember thinking that even the weather seemed to be in protest of what was about to happen. Folks even said they saw snow flakes before the day was over. Fitting, I guess for this time of year, but Mamaw would have been mad enough to sit up and grouch about it, just the same. There is a lot she may not have approved of concerning her funeral and burial, but it would have made her so happy to see her church filled up with people. It was standing room only. I haven't cried since the funeral. In fact, I don't think I've cried since last Wednesday when I read her obituary in the paper, but there is a sense of unreality about her passing. My whole life, she has been around, and I can't imagine life without her. She taught me to sing alto, she loved to read. She loved to sing and to sew. She loved to go shopping, especially when she was able to go, and she was so proud of her great grandbabies. :) She hated for anyone to see the gray in her hair. She absolutely hated the snow, and she did not like chocolate cake! lol

She always called me to task when she saw my messy kitchen, and she would be scandalized if she could see me blogging when my house is such a wreck. lol So, on that note, I reckon I'd better git on the ball and put my clothes in the "worsher" "worsh up my deeshes" and get that crud off my "shar curtain". lol Y'all keep me and my family in your prayers and thank you for reading. Drop me a comment so I'll know you're still there.
God bless!

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