Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Will You Read Me A Story?

Welcome to another edition of Writing Wednesdays! I'm sorry if this is
posted later than y'all were expecting, but I had a slight emergency when I
woke up this morning; I was out of sweet tea! lol

Today's article, first apeared in the July 2009 issue of Poetic Monthly
As you will see, it's outdated, but it's still true, today. So, here it is!

["Will you read me a story?"
That's the question my three-year-old has been asking, ever since a friend
gave her a huge pile of children's books. Most of them are those Little
Golden Books. After taking them out of the bag, both the three-year-old and
her sister who is 18 months, sat down in the floor and began going threw
them, turning pages and exclaiming over the pictures. I didn't have the
heart to make them put them away, not then, anyway.
Later, after my husband came home from work, my oldest daughter came to him
and asked, "Daddy, will you read me this book? It's about a lion!"
My husband asked her if she could wait, due to a terrible headache he was
having. She was disappointed and came to me.
"Mommy, will you read me this book?" she asked, so sweetly that my heart
broke in to pieces when I had to tell her no.
"I guess if you wasn't blind, you could read it to me," she said, so sadly.
The next day, my sister came over and finally, my daughter had someone to
read the book to her. My sister read it twice, or maybe it was three times.
My cousin came over one day, and she read the book three times.
Thinking on how much my girls like to be read to, I remember how as a
child, I loved to hear Mom read to me. In fact, I still love to hear her
read. Actually, if you want the truth, that's why I love audio books so
much; I just want to be read too. There's just something about losing
yourself in a voice, especially, when that voice can transform a book in to
something more.something kind of magical. And, if I listen to a certain
narrator long enough, I find myself thinking in their voice. Strange, huh?
So, just a few weeks away from listening to my own book in audio, I am
ecstatic! It should be finished some time in mid to late July, and I can't
wait. I heard an excerpt, and realized that my book, "Wild Heart" could
also be one of those that came alive when narrated. If you would be
interested in an audio copy of "Wild Heart", drop me an e-mail at
If the entire book is as good as the excerpt, we are all in for a treat!]

Speaking of audio books, now, 2 years later, I can say that W. B. Ward did a
wonderful job at narrating my first book! In fact, he did so well, i have
contracted with him to narrate the sequel, as well. It might take 6 months,
but I am excited! If you want more info about "Wild Heart" in audio, go to
It's $12 and I accept PayPal. Here's the neet part, if you are a student who
is under the age of 18, email me privately at
and you may get it for free.

Speaking of the sequel to "Wild Heart", I submitted the final copy to
CreateSpace last Thursday, and I am supposed to receive the proofs on Feb.
23 or 24. After I ok the proofs, I ok it to be published. It is 580 pages,
6 by 9 inches and will cost$15. It will be available at CreateSpace's EStore

Well, I think that about wraps this entry up. i was looking on my old
Toshiba's hard drive and it seems that this is the last time I will be
posting articles from Poetic Monthly, but rest assured, Writing Wednesdays
will still be here. I don't know exactly what I'll blog about, but I have a
whole week to think on it, so make sure to come back next Wednesday. Also,
be sure to come back on Monday for more about music. I think I'll write
about the new CD I'm working on.

So, until next time, keep reading the Word, keep praying, keep smiling, and
when you have a minute, drop me a comment. I really enjoy hearing from my

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