Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Mondays: The Music I Listen To

Welcome to this first ever edition of Music Mondays, here on the Old-time
Christian blog! I have never written about music, so I'll just play it by
ear, if y'all don't mind. Ahem, pun intended. Today, I'll start things off
by talking about the music I listen to. Next week, I'll write about the
music I sing.

First thing you need to remember about me and music, is I do not have one
favorite singer or one favorite song; I have many different favorites in
several different genres. Some of those favorites, I think will surprise you
and some will not. I have listed them below. Some are famous, and some are

In Christian music, all genres:
The Hoy Family,
The Easter Brothers,
Jeff and Sherri Easter,
The McKameys,
The Martins,
The Isaacs,
The Happy Goodmans,
Gateway Worship,
Glenn Mooreland,
Dennis Morris.

Some of my all-time favorite Christian songs include:
The Baptism of Jesse Taylor,
Jesus Signed My Pardon,
He Is Risen,
God On The Mountain,
Amazing Grace,
Thanks to Calvary,
Thank You Lord for Your Blessings On Me,
Just As I Am,
There Is A Fountain Filled with Blood,
New Doxology,
Faithful God,
By The Grace of God,
What A Friend We Have in Jesus,
Highway To Heaven,
Little Mountain Church House,
Speak To The Mountain,
Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down.

It's a long list, isn't it? I could go on, too. But, for the sake of space
and time, I won't. Besides, there are many different singers on the secular
side of things that I want to mention.

Now, before we go on, there is something I want you to understand about me.
Just because I like a singer's voice, does not mean I like what they sing. I
was exposed to a lot of different music, growing up, and I think it has
contributed to my current tastes, but below I have listed those singers
whose voices I like to hear, not necessarily the songs they sing.

Garth Brooks,
Patty loveless,
Tracy Lawrence,
Loretta Lynn,
Patsy Cline,
Brad Paisley,
Allen Jackson,
the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks,
Nancy Griffith,
Maura O'Connell,
Stevie Nicks,
The Eagles,
Bruce Springsteen,
Bryan Adams.

Some of the songs I have liked, are:
The River, (Garth Brooks)
The River (Bruce Springsteen)
Everything I Do,
Summer of 69,
Silver Springs,
Gulf Coast Highway,
Lyin' Eyes,
The Girl From Yesterday,
Coal miner's Daughter,
Troubled Fields,
Beaches of Cheyenne.

Do you notice a trend among this last list of songs? Just about everyone of
them tells a story. And that, dear reader is why I have liked them. Many of
these songs have inspired a story, and if they haven't inspired one yet
written, they are inspiring me to type out a new one.

Do I listen to all of this music, not all of it, and certainly not all the
time. I do have ones I listen to frequently, The Hoy Family, The Easter
Brothers, and Gateway Worship, to be exact. But, on occasion, I get in the
mood for a certain song. Sometimes, those songs bring back memories, or
invoke a feeling about something.

Take Bryan Adams' song, "Summer of 69." It makes me think of hot, lazy days
at the pool. Probably this comes from hearing it played over and over again
at the Glasgow pool. Likewise, Bruce Springsteen's "The River" with it's
harmonica makes me think of summer days at the park. I can almost smell the
charcoal smoke and grilling burgers and hear children laughing. The Eagles'
"Lyin' Eyes" makes me remember listening to my daddy sing and play his
guitar, when I was a kid.

Well, there you have it, the types of music I listen to. Of course, I did
leave out one genre, mostly because I am surprised by it, myself. You see,
the older I get, the more I realize how weird I am and how I'm ok with being
weird. So, here's the real surprising thing about me and music. You know
those musical numbers from movies that school choirs like to force on proud
parents? Yep, lol you guessed it. I love them. I like the music from
'Pocahontas", "The Princess and the Frog", "Beauty and the Beast", "Mary
Poppins", "Charlotte's Web", and I don't know what all.

I'll share this one funny story, and then I'll wrap up this post.

I went to an All County Chorus performance a few years ago with my family.
My sister sang in the show choir, and I wanted to hear them sing. This one
group of teenagers, came out in costumes, someone said. The lead singer, a
girl, was wearing scrubs and carrying a fake machete. As she danced, she
sang, "Like a surgeon, cuttin' for the very first time." Haha! I still think
that's funny, and to this day, I think I'm the only one there who laughed
out loud. Lol The guy lead singer was dressed like the dentist from "Little
Shop of Horrors". What a hoot!

See, y'all, that's what being weird is all about. Just think, I could have
been one of those music teachers who gets everyone involved. Lol

I don't know how many of these Music Mondays I can keep doing, but be sure
to come back next Monday, when I'll write about the music I sing. It's quite
different than what I listen to, you can be sure.

Disclaimer: I think a lot is mispelled here, so I ask for your forgiveness.


  1. WOW! I'm one of your fav's!? lol You're one of mine too! I can't wait to see ya tomorrow. :)


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