Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Mondays: The Music I Sing

Welcome to the second edition of Music Mondays! Today I will be talking about the music I sing, but first, what did you think of last Monday's post?

If you know me at all, you will already know that the music I sing is different, somewhat, than what I listen to. My singing was once compared to Sherri Easter, and even though I am thankful for the compliment, I can't hear the resemblance. I can't think of anyone to compare myself to, in singing or piano playing. If you can picture what OldTime Christian music would sound like, though, then you are probably close. Think down home, and you're even closer. Sometimes, I take Bluegrass Gospel and put it to my own form of piano music and sing it. Sometimes, I take an old hymn and put my own spin on it. Sometimes, I take a song the choir sings and sing it my own way. I have even taken a contemporary song and made it a Southern Gospel one. lol

Some of the artists from whom I have borrowed songs, include:
The McKameys,
The Singing Cooks,
The Easter Brothers,
Jeff and Sherri Easter,
Gordon Mote,
and many more, of whom I am unaware.

As you can probably tell, I am not up on who is who, today or who is the newest sensation. I like the old stuff, usually. I am looked down on by some for singing only old stuff, but that is who I am. Sure, I hear new stuff, sometimes, and even sing new stuff, but most of the time, if I say it's new, it's only new to me. I usually hear singers sing something at church and think, "Oh wow, I like that. I think i'll sing it."

Why do I sing? I can't help it; it's in my blood, I guess. Just as listening to music invokes memories, feelings and inspiration, singing invokes memories, feelings and inspiration. Why, I wouldn't know how to praise the Lord, if I couldn't sing it! Simply put, I sing to praise; I sing to worship. I sing to inspire others; I sing to witness. And, in real hard times, I sing to remember who is in control of it all.

There is a song...and I don't know who wrote it or who sings it...that sort of sums up what I want to say, and I will post part of it, below.

"I sing because there is an empty grave. I sing because there is a power that saves. I sing because His grace is real to me. I sing because I know i'm not alone. I sing because someday I'm going home, where I'll sing through all eternity."

I am in the process of recording a new CD, with old songs on it. lol So, keep coming back, and you'll be sure to hear when it is finished.

Thanks for visiting me today! I hope you will come back on Wednesday to read about writing, once again. I will be posting another article from my Poetic Monthly days. Until then, take care, keep smiling, keep singing and remember God loves to hear from you!

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