Monday, March 7, 2011

A Random Post That Gets A Bit Preachy :)

Ok, yeah, so I know this entry is late, but Monday isn't over yet. Right?

So, why so late? Well, it's been a hard day for me. I read a friend's first rough draft of her book, then washed up a few dishes. Then, I was busy feeding my girls, who ate very well all day. :) So, then I was messaging a couple of folks concerning different things, and then, before I knew it, it was time for the man of the house to come home from work. Bless him, my hubby brought me dinner, even though I should have fixed it, myself. Oh well. I'll cook tomorrow.

While munching on dinner, we watched a recorded version of "Chopped All Stars". And now, I'm just ready to crash. My eyes feel dry and kind of hot, even though I am no longer crying. I just, feel drained. Part of it is fatigue, part of it is missing Mamaw.

Speaking of tears, here's a question. Do you think that if you cry too much, you get thirsty, just as if you had perspired? I'm thinking the answer is yes, because I can't get enough to drink, it seems.

Y'all know what i really want, right about now...ok, besides an icecream sandwich? :D A vacation. Yep, a vacation. I wanna go somewhere, preferably Romney, WV, where I can walk along a quiet sidewalk, where I can visit with friends who are almost like family, and where I can find a quiet spot to sit outside in the mornings with my coffee or coke and hear the birds. Yeah, I have birds here at my house, too, but it's different. I can hear too much traffic, here, and it smells different. I just want to sit on a bench on the campus of WVSB and be left alone to drink my coffee, pop or tea and not have to talk to anyone but God. And, yeah, I know I can talk to Him no matter when or where, but prayer is even different when you are out in the country.

Ok, y'all, it is now time for an old lady moment. You ready? Here goes! The man of the place and I are sitting back here watching a recorded episode of "Iron Chef America", and I can't help but think of how much money, time, energy and food is wasted on this show. Yes, I like to watch it, but I knew a girl from another country one time, who would have probably killed to have only one bite of some of that food. What can we do to help end world hunger? Feed people instead of airing dumb shows where no one except special folks get to eat.

Oh, deed, I feel more politicking coming on.

It isn't right that we have such a high unemployment rate here in America, and we buy stuff from other countries. We should be making our own stuff, at least some of it. I don't mind foreigners to do a job, especially if they are capable and willing to work, but if they are going to live here, let them become citizens, and if they don't live here, and we pay them for a job, the let's limit some of it and hire Americans to do the job.

Of course, that raises the question, are Americans just not willing to work? Do they think they are too good for a particular job? Or, is someone higher up not willing to pay American's when it's cheaper to let the Chinese do it?

If I go to France and make a mistake when speaking to them in French, they are offended. But, if someone comes here and doesn't even bother to learn English, we're supposed to say, "Oh well. Haha, that don't matter."

That, my friends, is two-faced!

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence wanted to be separate from a country that did not allow them to worship or speak as they wished. One of the reasons for declaring their independence from England was so they could worship however they wished. However, today, in modern day America, an Indiana church called the law on a woman who only wanted to worship God in a Christian church! The law, people! A Christian church who supposedly worshipped God, would not allow an elderly woman to vocally worship God! Do y'all see a trend here?

You don't have to like the fact that I am a Christian, but remember, I have the same right to not like the fact you are worshipping buddha. If A person is allowed to pray in a mosc, then a person who is a Christian ought to be allowed to worship in a church. If the government has the right to tell me how to pray as a Christian, then they should be telling everyone else how to pray. But, nope, what they will do is tell the one who is least likely to object.

Well, folks, this old time Christian WILL pray in Jesus's name! This Christian WILL worship God in spirit and in truth, and if you don't like it, go home!

Ok, that's enough. It's bed time. Y'all have a good week, and come back Wednesday to read about writing.

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  1. I like it, dear friend. Sounds like you had more of a time with God than you think. :) I feel your pain. Sometimes it seems He's calling me to just spend some time alone with Him -and all I can think about is how uncomfortable I am where I am- and if I could just go somewhere quiet where no one hollered at me or the laundry wasn't calling out to me, I could focus better. I guess we just don't realize he's right there anyhow, enjoying our company while we're sorting laundry! LOL I have certainly missed you while we were gone, Shannon! :)


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