Monday, March 28, 2011


I have never shared much of my poetry, mostly because most of it was written when i was a silly teenager. However, I wrote this just this evening, and decided to share it. Comments are welcome.


Who knew that surrender would taste so sweet!
The earth has shifted beneath my feet,
And my reality has changed.
Where once I was content to kick against the pricks,
Where once I lay buried beneath heavy bricks
I now wear a new set of chains.

I once was a prisoner against my will.
Hope lay dead, silent and still.
Forever meant to be a slave.
Daily the weight on my shackles increased!
They were tearing me apart, and there was no relief!
There was no life beyond this cave.

"I surrender all!" became my heart's cry.
It was all I could do; I did not want to die!
I kept nothing from Him this time.
With no word of rebuke, He accepted my gift,
Poured His light in to me and closed up the rift,
And because of Him, I can shine.

Chains of obedience now make me free!
Surrender is sweet; I sing victory!
I gladly bare His name.
Finally trusting He will supply my need,
I am content to follow His lead.
Bound by love, there is no shame.

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