Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writing Wednesdays: More Randomness

This morning, I fired up the old Toshiba to see if there were anymore articles from my Poetic Monthly Days, and there was one, but it talked about a book signing, so decided not to post it. I don't know what else to say today about writing, but the fact that I am writing is a good thing, anyway.

Y'all remember that blog post where I said I couldn't write for feeling guilty about my dirty house? Well, I don't have that problem today. Nope, the the only thing I am waiting on is the rugs to get dry before putting them back down. They will go on a freshly swept and mopped floor. I worked on the bathroom yesterday, and while it's not perfect, it shows improvement. Nope, holding off writing to do housework isn't the problem today. Getting back in the mood for writing, now that I've been workin' my tail off, is. lol

I did write a couple of pages Saturday morning, which are part of the third book in the Wild Heart series, but I can't seem to get beyond that one scene. It's a sad one, so I can't share it with anyone close to me...kind of too close to how we are all feeling round here, but it's a good one.

I have also been working on my website
I've added info about "To Tame A Heart", and you can read the first chapter there, too, if you like spoilers. Soon, I will be adding a PayPal button, so you can purchase a copy straight from me, if you want it autographed, that is.

Let's see, what else have I been doing, besides cleaning, dishes, laundry, cooking, blah, blah, blah? Well, I've started cutting out pieces for a quilt I want to make. It won't be a pretty quilt, but I'm making it in to a textually interesting quilt. I've cut out 6 squares, already, and it took longer to cut those 6 squares out than i figured it would. I couldn't figure out how to get the material to hold still while I cut it, using a cardboard square as a guide. Finally, I just put a piece of masking tape on the square and taped the fabric to it. The squares look a bit retarded, but they'll be all right.

Here's something to look forward to! I am going to be doing an interview here on the Old Time Christian blog! A friend of mine, the man who interviewed me on his radio program has agreed to be interviewed. You can read it, right here on Monday, March 14, 2011, so don't forget! Jonathan is a cool guy, who you will find very interesting. He and I go way back, to like preschool, I think. We used to ride the school bus together, and once I went over to his house to play. Our mom's would pack snacks for us, since the bus ride to school was so long and we shared them. Our favorite game to play on the bus was bus drivers. We would pretend to be a bus driver, and we would have to use the pretend CB to communicate. He always insisted on making the "shht" sound at the end of whatever we said, to sound like the radios the drivers were using at the time. lol

Now an adult, :) Jonathan has his own radio station, and you can find it at
You won't want to miss this interview, so please come back and read the blog on Monday.

So, I guess that's all the randomness I can come up with on this rainy, windy afternoon. I really enjoy hearing from y'all, so feel free to comment and go check out my website
and let me know what you think. Until Monday, take care, keep smiling, and remember, when your strength fails, that's when God's strength is made perfect.

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