Friday, July 31, 2009

Author Fridays: Marsha Coles

Welcome to the first edition of "Author Fridays", where you will find
information about an author that you might not know. Sit back, get
comfortable and read about this week's featured author, Marsha Coles.

Marsha Coles is the author of four books, plus a cookbook. "Texas Justice"
and "The Mystery of Coldstone Manor" were published this year by Publish
America. "Poetry & Rythym" and "Sarah & Sally's Big Adventure" were
published through CreateSpace. I first met Marsha on Publish America's
message boards, where new authors from all walks of life come together to
discuss their books and the publishing process with Publish America. "Texas
Justice" is similar to my first book, "Wild Heart" and Marsha and I
exchanged reviews of one another's books. My review of her book can be
found on her website
as well as "Texas Justice"'s product page on
Her review of my book can be found at

Through this highly efficient tool we call e-mail, I had the pleasure of
interviewing Ms. Coles. When asked about her passion for writing, here is
what she had to say.

"I guess I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was very little. I cannot
remember a time when I didn't. I still have my stories I wrote in
Kindergarten, so, I guess I was five years old when I knew I wanted to be a
writer. Many people inspired me, my family and friends but one person stood
out. Her name was Madine Pulaski. She wasn't a writer but she was a very
influential person. She was a pilot and owned her own airplane. She
created a program in California with her flying ability and I was very lucky
to have her summer home next to mine. She always told me never to give up."

Marsha Coles lives in the Cherokee Nation Capitol, Tahlequah Oklahoma. She
loves to read, write, play Clue with her daughter, and research her family
history. Her love for reading is always with her, but she finds that since
she has four books published she is too busy promoting them to take time out
to read. Her favorite books are the historical romances set in Scotland and
England. Her favorite author is Hannah Howell.

When asked what inspires her to write, Coles says, "Anything can inspire a
writer to write given the proper setting and atmosphere. It could be a word
or a sentence someone says that sparks an idea or sitting outside watching
nature. I like mysteries so my two romance books will hopefully keep you on
edge until the answer is revealed and be enchanted by the romance that
blossoms along the way. My
poetry book tells of living in rural America and "Sarah & Sally's Big
Adventure" is to teach children the reason there are rules."

When it comes to advice for any aspiring author, I believe Marsha's words of
wisdom are worth remembering. She says, and I quote, "There will be
rejection letters; that is part of the writing contract, but for all those
rejections there will be an acceptance letter that will come someday. You
have to be persistent and never fold under the pressure. When you write a
book and it is published there is one important thing to remember; the best
thing you can do is promote, promote, promote!"

For more information about Marsha Coles and her books, visit her website

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