Friday, July 24, 2009

Sewing Blind

Yeah, you read that correctly; I'm learning to sew. And, on a machine, of
all things. I've sewed by hand before, and I was so slow it wasn't even
funny, but now, making a seam takes no time at all. Of course, it's more
crooked than you could ever imagine, but I'll get there.

So, what brought this on? Well, I wanted to learn to make a skirt that I
could ware and that looks good on me. I paid one person to make me one and
had to have a friend fix it, because it looked like a tent on me. My friend
even made a skirt for me, for which I am very thankful. However, if clothing
is what I want and everyone is so busy and I end up feeling guilty for
taking up another's time, why not learn to do it myself? I mean, I can
crochet, and I have a basic understanding how to put things together, so I
guess there's no reason why I can't try, at least.

Well, Mom let me borrow her Kenmore sewing machine, and last night my dear
husband sat down at the kitchehn table with me and showed me how to use it.
Mom had already shown me how to thread it, but Terry taught me how it works.
I sewed 2 sides together and hemned the top of a little bag-like thingy. The
positive things are I did get a tiny bit better, I understood what I was
doing, I did not poke myself with the needle, the bobin didn't get all
tangled up, and I didn't get up from the table feeling like I was a failure.
However, my seams were mighty crooked, which prompted me to do a google
search. I found out that there is something called a seam guide that costs a
little over $3. Going to check out the machine today, but think I'll order
that seam guide, which is supposed to be adjustable.

Also, in my searching last night, I found a really neet article about a
woman out West who is blind and sews on a machine and has been for a very
long time. So, even though it might seem daunting, it can be done. I know I
have a lot of practice ahead, so I made sure when i went to the fabric store
to purchase some practice material. I also have some old shirts that I can
use to practice on. My biggest worry at the moment is how to cut straight.
If I can cut straight and want to practice using those old shirts, why I
could make a quilt. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the challenge and am
surprised I didn't dream about it last night. So, I do beg your prayers and
any tips or tricks that y'all might want to send my way. God bless!

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  1. Shannon- I am I streamstress, and for the past seven years that is all I do is sew-sew-sew. You are on a great start. If you are in the Michigan area let me know we could get together. The trick with cutting is opening the scissors wider and look where you want the cut to go or end at. Not where you are currently cutting. The machine should have a metal plate next to the needle with lines on it. That is where you want to guide your fabric. Another trick is to get some of that blue painters tape and make a line on the machine next to the needle. You will guide your fabrice even against the tape to get an even seam. This is kind of difficult to explain- but it is really easy. Good Luck.


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