Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Strange objects litter the floor to the point that I can't even take a step,
it seems without stubbing my toes and turning my ankles. Doors that I know I
left shut are suddenly standing wide open; that's why the millions of
bruises on my shins and bumps on my forehead. Things, like brooms and dish
cloths are turning up in the strangest places, and at all times of the day
or night, I hear these strange voices. Now, y'all stop that laughing! It
isn't a bit funny! If I wasn't grounded in my faith in God, I'd start
thinking there were ghosts in my house, or aliens from another planet, at
the very least. WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND HERE? Why, just today I found a
sandle in the middle of my bed! Now, I won't tell you how I found it; best
leave the details to imagination, but shoes in my bed aren't even the half
of it. A few days ago, I found a piggy bank, a piggy bank mind you in my
refrigerator! Once, I found a coaster inside my toaster, and the toaster was
toasting. We almost had to call the fire department that day. Alarm clocks
found in sock drawers, hair brushes found in laundry baskets, toy hot dogs
inside shoes, the list goes on and on. Are y'all sure there ain't aliens
from other worlds invading earth, cause it sure does seem so.

Ok, so the Bible tells me that God's thoughts and ways are much higher than
mine. And, Jesus said to suffer the little children to come unto Him and
forbid them not, for as such is the kingdom of Heaven. So, here's my
thought, profound or otherwise: maybe like God's thoughts are so much higher
than ours', maybe children's are as well. It has to be so, for nearly 4
years of motherhood has taught me that children just don't think like
adults. Of course, we all know this is true, but it doesn't seem to sink in
until something strange happens, like the 3-year-old climbing up on to the
stove top and turning on a burner, or the 3-year-old putting a coaster in
the toaster and turning it on cause she says her baby needed some toast. How
about the 19-month-old having a fit because you won't let her play with an
old dirty dish rag that has oatmeal all over it...and yes that didhappen

Well, I know y'all are laughing yourselves silly, but hubby's cooking dinner
and kids are hungry, so I gotta git. I know, I know, the girls probably
won't even eat after I fix it, but I gotta give it my best shot. So, till
next time, give your little aliens hugs and kisses and lots of love. And
remember to laugh. Laughter and God's strength, don't forget, are the only
things that can get us through these trying times.

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