Friday, July 24, 2009

Imaginary Friends! Where Do They Get This Stuff?

A minute ago, I told my 3-year-old, Faith that she could get one of her baby
dolls, put it in her toy stroller and pretend she was taking her baby to the
store. Here's what she said, and keep in mind that Bernie is her imaginary
friend who is a girl.

"Bernie can't walk anymore. She bumped in to something, and her dad had to
put a bandage on her. She can't walk, so I'm going to put her in this wheel
chair and push her. I'm going to take her home so she can rest and get
better. Then, she'll be able to walk again."

Now, I ask you, where did she get that idea? I mean, she has seen people
using wheel chairs, well, maybe one or two, but we don't know anyone well
enough to say that she sees them on a regular basis. And, I've watched her
TV shows with her enough to know that while someone on there might use a
wheel chair, they aren't on her shows on a regular basis, but somehow, she's
put it together that Bernie had to have an accident and that's why she can't
walk and needs to be pushed home in a wheel chair. I think my older baby is
smarter than most adults. If so, we're in trouble. :)

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