Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Fourth of July

Today, July fourth means a lot of different things to different folks. To
some, it is the day the family gets together for a bbq or for dinner. For
some, it means heading down town to watch the fire works displays, and then
again for others, it's just another day spent alone. I actually spent the
day at my aunt's house for a cookout. She had bbq ribs, beef and vegies on
the grill, grilled corn on the cob, baked macaroni and cheese, potato salad,
sweet potatoes, cucumbers from the garden, fresh green beans and potatoes
from the garden, fruit salad and a german chocolate cake. Wow, yeah, plenty
of food! Most of the family was there and it was a good day. My girls are so
filthy that I need to go give them a bath before bed, but they're watching a
dvd and eating right now, so will give them a bit. My youngest sister
brought her guitar and we enjoyed her playing and singing while we visited.
The day, while good, was overshadowed by my cousin's little boy who has
hemophelia and is in the hospital as I write this, for an infection.

As a kid, I can remember trips to my dad's mom's on July fourth, to
celebrate the holiday and to celebrate my dad's birthday, July fifth. After
a day of burgers on the grill, we would head to somewhere and watch the fire
works. Being the only blind person in the family, i was inevidably asked,
"Did you see that one, Shannon?" Yikes, I got so tired of answering that
after a while I quit. Oh, to be a child again! To be able to answer, "Yes! I
see it!" Now, totally blind, it's nothing but a bunch of noise. We don't
even take the girls to see them, yet. We will in a year or two, when they're
are old enough to not be so scared.

But, with all this bbqing and grilling and family togetherness, let's try
not to forget what it's all about. My aunt gave my girls 2 flags, today, and
I couldn't help but think of how men died on that long ago day, just to give
me a chance to live in a country where I can choose my work, my religion and
who I spend my time with. July 4, 1776 was Independence Day and still is.
Today, looking back, many men and women have fought for the cause of liberty
and still do. Democracy back in the 1700's was something never tried before,
and we were expected to fail. However, as you can see, we haven't failed, at
least not yet. I'm afraid however, that if we don't nip it in the bud, we
may lose something more precious than freedom. Could that be dignity? What
do you think? Now, I'm not a political person, not by a long shot, but
shouldn't white protestants be free to worship, without being called racist?
And, for that matter, how come you're racist, only if you are white? Is
there such a thing as a black racist or a native American racist? And, since
when did a white protestant become a minority, and nobody care? I will
agree, we need to protect America's citizens; black, white, or whatever
color. I will agree that we need to take care of the homeless and hungry.
And, i agree that this country should be a place where a man or woman can
choose their own religion. So, if I'm free to choose my religion, then why
is it wrong to be a protestant? Protestants are not supposed to bash
muslums. Protestants are not supposed to bash Jews or buhdists or catholics,
but Catholics, Jews, Muslums, it would appear are free to bash protestants.
Why is that? To quote a song...and y'all listen up...

"What's wrong with living right? Can anybody tell me? I'm doing what I know
to do; living for Jesus. He's the way...the truth. I'm not going where I
shouldn't go. I'm serving Jesus with all my might. So, can anybody tell me
what's wrong with living right?"

Wow, I got on my soap box, didn't I? Well, I have freedom of speech. Don't

You wanna know how to fix America? Well, I ought to run for president, cause
I have the answer. Yep! I know what to do. And, if you wanna know what to
do, here's how you find out.

step 1. Go get your Bible and open it
step 2. Open it to 2 Chronicles 7:14
step 3. read it with me

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and
pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear
from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

That's it! That's the answer! And, Obama's being payed how much?

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